Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day, now ruining Christmas for some


Was that 3 megs? :grin::grin::grin:


Spurs are a rabble.


A real test now of our depleted and threadbare team.


Tottingupfouls Hotspurs really need to rethink their approach to the game.


Yet another foul from Dire.

Hazard makes it 2-0.


Atkinson needs to grow some balls and book a few Spurs players, they’re not even trying to play the ball.

Another late one from Winks goes unpunished there.

Atkinson has kept Spurs in the game.


get in, Erikson is a rolls royce of a player


Llorente in a hot goal running streak at the moment.


Don’t know how Ben Davies ever gets a start ahead of Danny Rose.


Sarri booked.


He’s a real loose cannon that Sarri. As manager, he should be controlling himself and setting an example for his players.


Is there an ‘away goal’ rule in this competition?


Don’t think so


Two big FA Cup upsets in South London yesterday with Millwall beating Everton and Wimbledon beating West Ham. Injury ravaged Spurs in South London today to face Crystal Palace. Hopefully we can spring an upset as well.


Spurs will field a more expensively assembled team today than Crystal Palace.

Sounds like you are already making excuses for traditional Spurs failure.


Tradition? In the days when the FA Cup was the best knock out tournament in the world, there wasn’t a team in the land to match Tottenham Hotspur when it came to FA Cup tradition. Spurs were record 8 time FA Cup winners in 1992 when Sky Sports got its hands on soccer and invented it.


Yes as Chiellini said, Spurs are a side with a tradition of bottling.


Chiellini plays for the Number 1 bottlers. 7 failures in 9 European Cup Final appearances to lift the Cup. Nobody fills the togs like Juventus on the big stage.


Chiellini has won about four times more titles with Juve than Spurs have in their history.

Here you are getting excuses in early about potentially losing to a less expensively assembled side.


Chiellini plays in the Mickey Mouse Italian League. It’s even less competitive than Scotland.