Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day, now ruining Christmas for some


Spurs play in the Mickey Mouse English League.

Even Leicester City could win it. :grinning:


I see Spuds have exited another cup today. That looks like another trophyless season for them.


We’re out? Thank God for that. What was the score in it?


Earlier this afternoon you were hoping Spurs could come away from South London with a victory, this evening you are delighted to be eliminated?! Modern football fans are a funny lot, spreadsheet success now appears to be a bigger priority than silverware. When Pochettino moves to a big club this consistent failure to challenge for trophies will not be tolerated.


That loss to Manchester United seems to have completely derailed the hotspur’s season.


Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to the FA Cup. You’d love to see it regaining its status of old. It won’t though. It’s like the Railway Cups in Gaelic games now. The dead walking. Nobody gives a shit. They should just wrap it up now for good.


Its only the FA Cup. Nobody has bothered with it for years now. The FA Cup was completely derailed once and for all as a serious competition when Man U skipped it in 2000 for a few pesos in Mexico.


Same again this season?


Before the match with Manchester United the hotspurs were in contention in four competitions.
The only hope they have now is in the competition they had least chance of winning - the Champions League. The wheels have come off jeff.


That post is nearly a year old, whatever possessed you I wonder :confused: :grinning:


The manager had a go at winning the FA Cup the last seasons when we made it to the semi final. Fielded reasonably strong sides both days against Chelsea and Man U, but it wasn’t to be on either occasion.

Just looking at the team for today there, essentially a reserve side. Vertonghen and Trippier (who’s having a terrible season) only two from what he classifies as his strongest team. When you’re without Sissoko, Golden Boot Harry, Bamidele and Son to begin with and Eriksen and Alderweireld are left at home, Vertonghen the centre half taken off and Wanyama (who’s barely played in two years) is brought on instead of Winks when losing 2-0, it tells you all you need to know about where the manager feels our priorities lie.


I don’t think they had much use for Mexican pesos, Brazil they went to Geoff. It put a dent in the history of the cup no doubt, a bigger issue now though is that with very few exceptions it is won by only the big clubs. Gone are the days of Coventry and Wimbledon winning it in consecutive years, or even Spurs being able to say they had a good cup pedigree.


Your £42.5m centre half is a squad player and you’re crying the poormouth. You’re a walking, talking contradiction.


You’d think with that famed youth academy they supposedly have up at Man U, they could have fielded a youth team back in 2000 to try and keep the grand old competition going. It was the death knell of the FA Cup.


I’m fairly sure @GeoffreyBoycott was calling the FA Cup the best knockout competition in the world Friday night


Boycott is well known on here for being a contradiction.


It was for 120 odd years. I’d love to see it get back it’s status of old but those days are gone forever unfortunately. You alluded to it yourself there on third round weekend with the Eddie Howe reserve team selection for Bournemouth.



Wise words there from the manager.


is there even a big Club left in the FA cup apart from City? and even they are doing to their best to get out of it