Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day, now ruining Christmas for some


It’s not quite travelling from Lorrha to Thurles.


A lot of empty red seats again today.


Christ the new wembley is some dump .


Spurs have been excellent here so far, should be ahead


Newcastle had the best chance of the game there. Newcastle are sitting in and Spurs aren’t creating.


Is newcastles new signing playing?


Nope, not in the squad. Barreca on the bench.


Moura missed the best chance of the game and they hit the crossbar. I wrote that post before Newcastle’s chance


Not really much openings for a team with about 80% of the ball.


More than most of the big teams get against Newcastle


Not really. Chelsea hit 2 against them each of their two games, Liverpool hit 4 against them, United hit 3 and 2, Arsenal 2.

City are the only team of the top 6 they have limited to 1 goal or less this season.


Another good chance for Spurs. Could regret those


Half chance, a shot from the edge of the box past a group of players.

They are not really creating much.


More chances I meant not more goals. In most games against the big sides Newcastle are looking fairly comfortable until they eventually concede from a set piece/penalty/long shot


Newcastle looking the more likely to score here.


United had plenty of chances against them in the two games I’ve seen. I think Spurs have been pretty flat and unimaginative and aren’t really creating anything at all.


Perez has been excellent


Man United were shit against Newcastle the last game. Got a goal through a keeper mistake to break the deadlock but didn’t do anything before that


Best chance of the game for Newcastle there, Rondon hits the post.


The drunk saves Spuds there.