Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day



Are ye proud of that?

The fans in London with prepaid tickets won’t even go to watch them but 2 paddy whack headbangers have headed across the Oirish sea 3 times this year to watch them… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Make up your minds, lads. You’re either having a go at us for abandoning ship or for being mugs for going over. I can’t keeep adjusting my position, I’ve got two funerals to go to today don’t have much spare time.


Funny that people think Spurs fan can be trolled with the ‘ye never win anything’ stuff :joy:
It’s fucking Spurs :smile:


Spurs are a laughing stock… Full of big time charlies. Their star man has more fight in him when it comes to claiming phantom goals for his own glory than he does putting it in for his team.


Lesson from @carryharry on how to handle sporting defeat. Spurs fans are a stoical lot. We all accepted that we lost to a better team yesterday, no fingers pointed at referees and best of luck to Jose Mourinho and his team in the final.

How is you own healing process with accepting sporting defeat coming along nearly 9 months on? Are you over the crying phase and blaming Barry Kelly phase yet? They say time is a great healer. Are you any closer to accepting that defeat is part and parcel of sport and you can’t always be blaming the referee for the shortcomings of your own team? It was @carryharry level of self righteousness after Tipperary lost to Galway that really cracked me up most.


@GeoffreyBoycott is seething :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


His classless baiting of the TFK Arsenal supporters re: coach Wenger has really bitten him in the ass.




being mugs for going over.


Why do you laud mediocrity when Spurs are one of Europe’s richest clubs?


The most recent Deloitte football rich list ranks Spurs as the 6th richest football club in England as they have been for the last decade or so. The only season we haven’t bettered our rich list rating in league placings this decade is 2013/14 when we finished 6th under Tim Sherwood. Losing to the richest club in world football and the most successful team domestically in English football history is hardly mediocrity.

1 Manchester United: £581.2m
2 Real Madrid: £579.7m
3 FC Barcelona: £557.1m
4 Bayern Munich: £505.1m
5 Manchester City: £453.5m
6 Arsenal: £419.0m
7 Paris Saint-Germain: £417.8m
8 Chelsea: £367.8m
9 Liverpool: £364.5m
10 Juventus: £348.6m
11 Tottenham Hotspur: £305.6m
12 Borussia Dortmund: £285.8m
13 Atlético de Madrid: £234.2m
14 Leicester City: £233m
15 Internazionale: £225.2m
16 Schalke 04: £197.8m
17 West Ham United: £183.3m
18 Southampton: £182.3m
19 Napoli: £172.5m
20 Everton: £171.2m


They’re the 11th richest club in Europe so.

English football is some mess given the financial resources at its disposal.



Atletico are less rich than Spurs and have won a tougher league in La Liga and got to two Champions League finals, very unlucky on both occasions in recent years


Which of these teams has failed to win a trophy in the past 10 years?


Jose was looking in the wrong part of North London for the specialists in failure.


The “Johnny Wankers” we used to call them.




Four, I’d be sure of that haven’t won a trophy in the last 10 years. Everton in 20th haven’t won a trophy since 1995, Southampton in 18th haven’t won a top flight trophy since 1976, West Ham in 17th haven’t won a top flight trophy since 1980 and Spurs in 11th haven’t won a trophy since 2008. Essentially that’s the 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th richest club in England. Schalke haven’t won a German league title since the 1950’s and Napoli haven’t won the league title since the days of Maradona. Couldn’t tell you what either of them have done in their domestic Cups over the last decade.

9 of the 10 richest clubs (Liverpool the odd one out) have accounted for 37 league titles over the last decade. The 10 sides ranked 11-20 have won just 6 league titles between them over the last decade, Atletico Madrid in 2013/14 and Leicester in 2015/16 the only two within the last 5 years.

The four richest clubs in England have accounted for 22 of the last 23 league titles, with all four winning the league at least three times. When you throw in Liverpool’s FA Cup wins in 2001 and 2006, the 5 richest clubs have won 21 of the last 23 FA Cups. You’ll get the very odd outlier like Leicester in 2015/16 or Wigan winning the FA Cup in 2013, but they are increasingly rare examples. The day of provincial clubs like Burnely, Ipswich, Derby County and Notts Forest winning the league or Sunderland, Southampton, Ipswich, Coventry and Portsmouth winning the FA Cup are close to once in a generation event now.


Spurs are the only team in the top 11 richest clubs in Europe not to have won a trophy in the past decade. It’s pointless comparing Spurs to the likes of West Hame, those figures show Spurs to be far richer than the English clubs below them. It’s very poor for a club like Spurs and their financial resources.