Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Spurs are the 6th richest club in England. Their last trophy was in 2008. AS Roma (one of the many clubs you purport to support) the 5th richest club in Italy won their last trophy within a few weeks of Spurs in 2008. Maybe you should stop obsessing so much about Spurs and go over to the AS Roma thread and talk to yourself about how poor that is in an Italian context for a club with the financial resources of AS Roma.




It’s very disappointing from a Roma context but we don’t celebrate mediocrity like you Spurs fans do.


That’s brilliant :smile:
Why oh why does he keep coming at you Geoff, the clampings are horrific


It’s great entertainment though


I’d say it used to kill them altogether when the Kilmallock crowd slagged them off


Who’s celebrating at Spurs? We’re very disappointed at the moment.



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So you reckon I’m celebrating after yesterday?. @carryharry reckons I’m seething and @briantinnion thinks I’m tired and emotional. Make your minds up. Do you need an Army Council meeting to come to a unified position?


No I’m reckoning you are always making excuses for Spurs bottling things.


No you specifically said I was celebrating. Why the backtrack in the space of a few minutes? Are you worried that @briantinnion or @carryharry might be cross with you. Here’s what you said.


You celebrate mediocrity.


We just had to make do with top dog status in London and the 9 trophies for most of that era between 1961-91 - 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 1 Cup Winners Cup (a trail blazing first European trophy for an English club) and 2 UEFA Cups. The Keith Burkinshaw years were great.

Was it just the 4 trophies that Woolwich won between 1953-87 - 1 league title, 2 FA Cups and 1 UEFA Cup?


Nice arbitrary cut off there before Arsenal’s two league titles in 89 and 91 :grin:

Geoff, take a break from the internet for today. Next season is a news season.


The man has a massive mini meltdown over people posting in the Duds thread.
His fascination with “ Woolich “ is quite flattering all the same.


Spit it out @GeoffreyBoycott copy & paste King.


We’ll revise the arbitrary cut off so to post 6 May 1961 (leaving out Spurs double win) and pre 18 May 1991 (leaving out Spurs 1991 FA Cup win) and call it Spurs 9 Woolwich 7 on the trophy count.


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