Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


You’ve become incredibly predictable.


What are you on about? Dyche winning the award is a celebration of being the best of the rest with a bad Arsenal team barely trying a leg finishing above them


As I saw you were typing I guessed exactly what point you’d make, you’re fierce predictable


What did he win this season?


Geoff lauds mediocrity.


7th is a total non event.


Roy Hodgson achieved far more than dyche this season.


It’s European football mate :hushed:
That’s not a non event




Take a look in the mirror. You’ve spent the whole day lauding the mediocre Tyrone Gaelic football team.


He had a super season tbf considering how fucked up that club was.

But, what Dyche achieved cannot be underestimated. He has had relatively good luck with injuries but to finish as highly as they have is spectacular looking at the players in his squad.
He is obviously a great motivator & instills huge teamwork mentality in the squad.

What Pep has done has been good, Dyche for different reasons equally better.


Hodgson has done a great job but he’s won less points than Dyche with a better squad.


Christ, just when one Cark weirdo stops following me around, another takes his place


Any word on the Spurs v Newcastle game?


Another one of these lads who consider a few replies to be ‘following ye around’ :joy:
Jesus Christ there’s some awful soft cunts posting here


I’m just of the opinion there’s always so many clubs badly run that if you have your house in any sort of order 7th is very achievable for most clubs.


0-0 40 mins


Maybe look a bit deeper.


GMHK fires us 1-0 ahead