Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Lovely stuff. COYS


European Cup places were up for grabs tonight and Tottenham Hotspur players stood up like men and claimed their spot. Antonio Conte and his Chelsea players on the other hand completely filled the togs against relegation threatened Huddersfield Town. Chelsea keep on bottling.


Chelsea will win the cup


Top four finish secured. A win against Leicester on Sunday will secure 3rd. Hope you haven’t squandered all your Man City winnings betting against Spurs.


Signing in from central London.


Simply glorious.


Top dog status in London confirmed for the first time since 1994/95.


Will they parade that trophy around after the Leicester match?


Not sure what the end of season logistics are. When do Man U get their trophy for winning the league within a league behind the greatest domestic English club side of all time?


Half the forum seething because little old Spurs have defied the odds again :grin:


Can you imagine the level of seethe if we ever win a trophy again?


There is no trophy for that jeff, I certainly won’t be celebrating inconsistency and mediocrity.


Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur
Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur

And the Yids go marching

On on on


Post reported


A few weeks ago Man U were just very unlucky to be second to the greatest club side ever assembled. Now Man U are inconsistent and mediocre. Make your mind up.


Oh when the yids

Go marching in

Oh when the yids Go marching in


They have had some excellent results tempered by some extremely poor performances resulting in defeats, quite simply, best of this season’s also-rans to date.
I would certainly not be crowing about being “top dog” in london if I were a hotspurs fan. Small club mentality from small minded fan is what I would describe that as jeff.


The greatest club side ever assembled? City? Ffs


Is there a full moon tonight lads?


I’m only toeing the Sky and english tabloid line here m8.


Fair enough. Hard to beat a bit of sensationalism