Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Explaining = losing. Take your ramblings about Man U back to a Man U specific thread.


I shall post where I like jeff, is it a big trophy, the top dog in london trophy?


If the Spurs fans are this happy after a fortunate win against a fairly poor team they’d die of excitement if they actually won something


We’re just relieved not necessarily happy. After a troubled season with no home games, things could have ended up an awful lot worse for us.


@Matty_Hislop seems absolutely delighted


If I was on a skite in London for a few days like @Matty_Hislop, I’d be delighted as well.


Quelle surprise


It’d be nothing compared to the pants wetting that would follow spurs finishing in the position that their resources would suggest they should,

Gas cunts seething to within an inch of their lives that a team playing a sport in a foreign country win a few games :smile:


Some of the language used by the so called spurs fans on here is vile. I’ve seen gas and yids regularly used


Harry Kane said finishing in the top 4 is a fantastic achievement after playing “38 away games” :laughing:


He’s some clown


It was always going to be a difficult transitionary season for us not having any home games.


Trailing 0-1 and 1-3 to Leicester but we’ve just levelled it up at 3-3.


4-3 now, 11 minute hat trick for Lamela.


The second one attributed as a Fuchs o.g. Might have to activate the appeals procedure again to get that goal correctly awarded.


Prince Harry puts Spurs 5-4 ahead with a 30th league goal of the season.


Harry is too modest for his own good. Its 3rd and a top 3 podium finish for the 3rd consecutive season. 8th time in 9th seasons we’ve finished above Liverpool having finished behind Liverpool for 37 consecutive seasons from 1972/73 to 2008/09.


Liverpool haven’t exactly been the benchmark this decade.


They would be a reasonable benchmark for spurs.


If you’re referring to winning the title or even getting close to it on a regular basis, Liverpool haven’t been the benchmark for three decades.