Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Captain Kane .



Pochettino signs five year deal making him 3rd highest paid manager in epl. I guess we know his modus operandi now. Afraid of stepping up to a big club where he might have to win something


Finish third in the league and become third highest paid manager, seems fair enough. Chairman Dan strikes again. Champions league and a new state of the art stadium to look forward to.

What’s the dildo salesman cooking up over at the athletics track? Extra personal security will be high on the agenda I’d imagine. :laughing:


No he’s been busy securing the services of a league winning manager. Levy and Poccetino only care about money




Your obsession with chairman Dan is hilarious.

Meanwhile, the dildo salesman is absolutely destroying West Ham. Maybe you should pay more attention to that.


Buy more dildos maybe?


I’d say Pochettino would have jumped at a job at most of the World’s richest 10 clubs if any of them were going. Bayern and PSG had their new men lined up and in situe from a while back so after that I think it’s only Woolwich that have changed manager so far there? Woolwich probably the one job in the Top 10, Pochettino wouldn’t have jumped ship for. If Pochettino despite all his come and get me pleas couldn’t land a gig at a Top 10 club, it’s inevitable that he’s going to settle for 11th ranked Spurs until a better effort comes around. He’s even bagged himself a few quid extra off Chairman Dan.

You sound upset that Pochettino didn’t come into the reckoning for the West Ham job.


So basically none of the 10 richest clubs were interested in Pochettino? Makes sense, all those clubs value success and Pochettino is the Specialist in Failure.


You spend an awful lot of time obsessing over Tottenham Hotspur. Why don’t you go back to the AS Roma thread and focus on your own Specialist in Failure, Eusebio di Francesco. World Cup winning coach Enzo Bearzot must be turning in his grave at how has name his been linked to such a failure. Is it any wonder Italy aren’t going to the World Cup when mediocrity and non-achievement is celebrated in Italy with Coach of the year awards.


I’m just wondering why you continue to laud failure.


How am I supposedly lauding failure?


@AppleCrumbled , I just had call there with a colleague who is a big Pompey fan. He was a member of the consortium that rescued the club when they were going bust. He’s a proper fan, Portsmouth native. I asked him the question “which was better, to win the FA Cup and go almost bust or to be tipping along as a steady Premier League club”. He said winning the FA Cup, no question. That was the memory of a lifetime compared to boring EPL games he cannot remember. Said that they can always get back to the Premier League sometime but that the FA Cup was special.


You could have just asked me what it’s like to be in the Empire Stadium to see your team win the FA Cup on three occasions. All that work to seek out a Portsmouth fan.


No work at all, I was having a scheduled call with him. It’s nice to have a non work topic occasionally.


Yep spurs fans are the only odds balls that wouldn’t. Like for example look at newcastle a few relegations and then the joy of promotions. Would rather that or something like everton? 8th or 12th every year. Fucking yawn fest.


A yawn fest, indeed, similar to your attempts at a windup :sleeping:


You’re spouting some ill informed rubbish. Spurs were practically in the same place as Portsmouth, 17 years prior to Portsmouth winning it in 2008. Spurs had won the FA Cup for a then record breaking 8th occasion in 1991. We nearly went bust in the process of overhauling Aston Villa for that 8th win in 1991.


Spurs fans wanking over 5th or 3rd every season. They’ve forgotten about the joy of football. Too concerned about a balance sheet.