Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Great for the kid who starting following Man U because of the joy of Roy Keane to be still finding such joy in his soccer team under Coach Mourinho.


Sure I wouldn’t mind Jose being moved on at all. His football is crap and he is a bit of a joyless prick.


And let’s not forget spurs sold their sole for a white elephant of a new stadium. Going down the Arsenal route.


You’re lauding the manager of Europe’s 11th richest club for not winning trophies. Odd.


We’re going to crack the 10,000 barrier soon at this rate guys.


How am I lauding him?


When is the draw for the group stages of the Champions League guys? I’m tremendously excited about this.


An awful pity we had that 5 minute switch off against Juventus in both Turin and at the Empire after pulverising them over the rest of the two legs. We’re the only team out there that have matched up against this Madrid side in their 3 in a row run. I’d have loved another crack at Madrid in Kiev tonight. We’d have made a far better fist of it than Liverpool.


Lay off the peach schnappes Geoff. The Spuds would have soiled themselves as usual.


That’s why they wear navy shorts.


Great interview there from Gareth. Giving a nice two fingers to a club and fans that have never appreciated his talents. He’s burnt all bridges with Madrid after that I’d say. Problem now is the price will have gone up significantly to get him back to his spiritual home of White Hart Lane.


If spurs had held onto bale and Modric they might have won a league cup.


You are a team who bottle everything, different story doing it in knockout ties when it matters.

Chiellini said after the game that he knew Spurs would implode as they have no pedigree.


His spritual home would be St Mary’s Stadium jeff.


No it wouldn’t


Ah it would


You’re absolutely correct, remember the pelters the Spurs fans used to give him.


Ah no no, it wouldn’t.
It’s irrelevant anyway, Spurs aren’t one of the clubs that could afford him


Yet they can afford to spend a billion on a vanity project?


Harry has signed a 6 year extension reportedly worth £288k per week.

In the words of the late Peter Casey - I’m going to have fucking sex tonight. :ronnyroar: