Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


I’m going to lie down.


Netto ???


And every club in the world trying to sign him even before he lifts the World Cup


That’s a hell of an amount of money for a bottler.


It’s great being the big fish in the small pond with no pressure to win anything or score in big games


Harry is home grown. One of our own. Didn’t cost us a penny.


Chairman Dan will fund the wage increase by getting Jack Grealish from the Villa on the cheap.


His wages.


You seem very interested and concerned in the finances of a club that you’re always carping about. I’ve no doubt that Chairman Dan will have stress tested this and is not paying anything beyond what the club wage structure can sustain. Maybe you should obsess a little less on the finances of Tottenham and focus more on the shambles at your own club Chelsea. The perils of a franchise financed by a rogue state like Russia when diplomatic sanctions kick in.


Levy is no fool. Kane isn’t worth the 100k he’s on for football ability but he’s big business. I heard Ian Wright on radio earlier saying kids all over London are supporting the yids because of Harry Kane now. Levy for once looking at the long con… then again I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a ruse to get an extra 15m on the fee when he’s sold this summer.


White Hart Lane will be the only place in London to watch European Cup football next season. We’re top dog in the capital now. Long live the seethe.


The shambles of a club who have picked up an EPL title and FA Cup in the last two seasons?


And yet you can’t win a trophy.


The deck of cards is collapsing. Abramovich can’t get a visa to get back into the UK and sanctions are beginning to bite. The Stamford Bridge rebuild has been parked indefinitely. That’s the problem when you jump into bed with a rogue state.






the country trump has invited back into the G8?


Chelsea, bankrolled by the great swindle of the Russian people and the sale of Sibneft for a pittance.


Lol. It would be if it was ready.


Chelsea have had success. Spurs are terrible in the trophy cabinet. You seem to place more emphasis in share values than trophies. Very odd