Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Chelsea have had success over the last 20 years bankrolled by billions that were asset stripped from the Russian people. That’s all unravelling now though. For the first 90 years of Chelsea’s existence from foundation in 1905, they were terrible in the trophy cabinet - one league title in 1954/55, one League Cup in 1965, one FA Cup in 1970 and one Cup winners Cup in 1971.

Spurs for well over 90 years were a far more successful club than Chelsea with a much more impressive trophy cabinet. After our own financial implosion of the early 90’s and the awful 15 years that followed, Chairman Dan has assiduously rebuilt the club over the last 11-12 years with a fraction of the money that the Russian state and oligarchs have put at Chelsea’s disposal. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The trophies will follow for Spurs. Our club is in a really good place at the moment.


You’re living in the past, you dinosaur.

You seem far more concerned in finances than trophies which is very strange for a football fan.


You’re the one living in the past. Party is over for Chelsea. Abramovich cant get back into the UK, the plug has been pulled on the Stamford Bridge rebuild and the money has dried up. Spurs are too dogs in London now.


You’re the one living in the past. Spurs are perennial bottlers who haven’t won a trophy in yonks.

The last two seasons have yielded trophies for Chelsea. We hired a serial winner and he delivered.


Conte has just presided over only Chelsea’s second failure in 15 seasons to qualify for the European Cup. He lost a lot of the dressing room and is widely reported to be on the brink of getting the sack.


Trophies mean more than qualifying for trophies you don’t win.


You’re living in the past, no you’re living in the past, no you’re living in the past.

Go out and get some sun ye goms


It’s very gloomy and wet in Donostia right now.


When is the draw for the group stages of the Champions league Geoff?

In really looking forward to it.




So Harry is a Connie ?? Does he be mad to box after a few drinks ??


Letterfrack is it that King Harry’s people hail from?


Yes indeed mate.


Looks like he has the bad blood in him alright


Nine Spurs players still involved at the semi final stage of the World Cup. There’s hardly any other club with more than that? Will provide both World Cup final captains as well if it’s an England v France pairing. Harry looking good for the Golden Boot too. This is turning into the Tottenham Hotspur World Cup.


Their only chance of winning a trophy as a Spurs player!!!


We’ve lost one of our greats. Alan Gilzean RIP


Will be interesting to see how the Spurs start the EPL with so many players still involved at the business end of the World Cup.


Spurs have started very slowly last three seasons. King Harry doesn’t score in the month of August. It’s Game 4 before the return to White Hart Lane against Liverpool with awkward trips to Newcastle in the opening day and Man U to negotiate before that. Haven’t heard anything about prospective new signings.