Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


It’s funny to watch, you can pick up the easiest likes you’ll ever get by going onto the threads discussing the semi finals of the Workd cup and typing in (any spurs player) is shit



Looks like we’re about to provide the World Cup winning captain. Delighted for Hugo.


Morts for Hugo




You’re cheering for France but you’re not happy for Hugo that he’s going to lift the World Cup in about 20 minutes time. Very odd.


I’m not happy with his performance


I wasn’t happy with his performances for Spurs all last season. He’s past it. Good guy and he has been a terrific keeper even if he’s past it now.


Golden boot for Harry too, unreal. Fair play to Luka too for winning the golden ball.


Gutted for Modric. Along with Hoddle and Gazza, my favourite ever Spurs player.

Proud day for Chairman Dan.


I believe Chadli won goal of the tournament too.


Did Chadli and Modric come through the youth system at Tottenham or something or were they bought and sold on at a profit? One because he was too good and the other cos he wasn’t good enough. Strange that ye’d take pride in them although when you win nothing the need to claim anything probably pertains.


Absolute box office, like the Limerick hurlers :+1:



@Special_Olympiakos is seething. This has been the Tottenham Hotspur World Cup.


Modric handed a transfer request as he wanted to join Chelsea the year before he left for Madrid. Seems strange you’d take pride in a player who knew your club was a joke after a few seasons there


You’re raging mate :rofl:


Luka will always be part of the Tottenham Hotspur family.


I’m correct though I’ll settle for that


You’re raging mate.


With West Ham spending like billy o you’d think his THFC obsession might take a back seat for a few weeks but it’s all consuming, his reason for following football