Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


He must have mentioned Tottenham over 100 times in the world cup thread. Every game he was banging on about us. Utterly, utterly obsessed.






Thought you followed st pats


Nah mate, that’s Ralphie.


Apologies, always mixing you two up


A tough day for @Special_Olympiakos. Bad enough for West Ham no longer to be able to lay claim to be the only English club to provide a World Cup winning captain, but to now have to share that honour with the reviled Tottenham Hotspur.


Spurs are the only team this forum cares about, it’s unreal.


Yes indeed they are comparable alright. West hams World Cup winning captain was a local lad who supported the iron before he played youth system football even. Apart from having a big nose and no ambition Hugo Lloris has nothing in common with Spuds.


The iron :laughing:


Sounds like a stand up guy, how did west ham treat him after he retired?


West Ham treated Bobby shamefully after he retired.


Last time I was in the Boleyn I passed the massive Bobby Moore statue outside before taking my seat in the Bobby Moore stand.


Bobby Moore wanted to leave West Ham for Spurs but the west ham board refused to allow him, using the logic you applied to Modric earlier, surely you hate him?


Jesus ye truly would argue over nothing


They milked him when he was dead, fucked him out for having no ticket when he was alive


Holy moly, I didn’t know that, that’s despicable.


Bobby used to tip along and the guard would allow him in the players entrance after kick off, the brass found out he was there without a ticket and had him removed, Bobby Moore


He was a thief mate


A wonderful club, so proud :clap: