Tottenham Hotspur, the only team that TFK cares about: even on World Cup final day


Terrible to see a West Ham fan speak so disparagingly about Bobby like that. Bobby was a gentleman. No case to answer for that business with that bracelet in Bogota.


Over on the Workd Cup thread now it’s about nothing but Trippier and Kane :+1:
Box office


‘ arry Redknapp is still very sore over it.


Wait until Harry Winks is fit again. They’ll be driven demented.


England would have been a much more formidable proposition at the World Cup if Harry Winks was available. The Ox as well.


Tripps and Hugo make the team of the tournament, congrats to Luka and Paulinho too!


Paulinho? FFFFFFFFFF Sake.


Neymar and Ashley Young :rofl:


Neymar ffs, it’s a bit like Messi getting player of the tournament four years ago or Joe Canning getting some of his all stars or motm awards.
Paulinho and Young have to be a joke surely?


Paulinho is hilarious. He can’t control the ball


Good to see Hugo and Tripps in there. Well deserved. Surely they could have found a place or a formation to accommodate the Golden Boot winner?


Agreed . The golden boot winner who epitomized fair play and honesty has been gazumped by the cheating Griezmann ( who scored far less goals ) . However not surprised given FIFA are the awarding body .


Was it four goals, three penalties and the Uruguay goalkeeper Loris Karius impression that Griezmann got in the tournament?


Spurs after bouncing back from the concession of an early goal to lead Roma 3-1


Some hiding dished out


Did we win a trophy for that? Is there some
Champions Cup tournament going on in the US?


The term “ champions “ is certainly devalued be it by UEFA or some American sport event management company .


A trophy you say :crazy_face:


Atrophy could be appropriate term for these two clubs unless they spend .


Have we signed any new players yet?