Tottenham Hotspur, the Ryan Mason variant

Imagine if they ever tried that with any other tournament

A last gasp 96th minute winner from that Brendan Johnson chap we signed from Nottingham Forest to seal a 2–1 come from behind win against Brighton & Hove Albion.

Yid Army! Yid Army!


Did you go with stubhub or what for a finish?

No @Julio_Geordio sorted me out via a contact. The stadium is incredible. Some operation. Spurs on the other hand are very medicore, bordering on shit.


Going better than most seasons so


Didn’t realise you were a Spurs fan.

Were you impressed with the opposition? I’ve always found top flight footie to be underwhelming

Winning ugly, the hallmark of a title winning side.

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I’m not. We were over for the weekend so just looked for whatever game was going.


I thought Brighton looked really good first 20 mins, had Spurs in a lot of bother. The winger Mitoma was very good, but then they retreated into a safer style of play which suited spurs.

best player on display?

Did you get a bit of grub? I counted 13 different cuisines around the south stand the first time I was there

Had an immense chicken fillet burger at the nfl game last year.

Took a bit longer than expected to get there so didn’t get into the stadium until 2:30. Didn’t expect to even be able to get a beer.

Walked straight up to the bar and got a pint of Neck Oil. Then turned around and first stall I saw had burgers and got served straight away with a top quality cheese burger. Same at half time, barely any queue at the Beavertown bar.

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Hard to say. No one player really dominated the game. The lad Mitoma was probably the most exciting, Richarlison was shite. Madison in and out of it, was fairly anonymous in 2nd half. Feeguson had some nice touches when he came on. He’s some unit.

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If you didn’t get served from the taps that fill from the bottom shur it’s all the one.

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Son and the lad from PSG were supposed to be baiting the head off one another and Son broke his hand off him.

South Korea haven’t won the Asian Cup since the 60s and have only won it when it was decided on a league basis. They’ve lost every single actual final they have reached

It’s almost like their most influential player is from a club mired in mediocrity