Tottenham Hotspur, the Ryan Mason variant

Our set piece defending has been shocking all season. Big Ange needs to get a coach in to train the backs.

Werner has no goalscorer craft about him at all. He has no sixth sense about where the ball is coming.

He a great trier.

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Fine player-needs coaching. None of Son, Werner or Johnson are rocket surgeons or brain scientists. They miss Harry’s playmaking dearly.

Spurs have brought on all the donkeys to try and win the Derby

Did you ever see anything as useless as Son, Richarlison and Kulusevski on that 3 on 3 just there? Kane was a fucking genius.

West Ham brought on zero of their donkeys. Ings was togged off and ready to go. I’d say he’s fuming

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Maddison has been very poor since his return from injury.

Kulusevski has hit the wall harder than Paul Walker. Can’t seem to do much at all.

Ings is one of the ones that will be used against Moyes for sure. They’ve a shout in that Europa though-hardy team- lots of good players

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Not hisusual standard alright but he is a class act. Son is super but I’d say he can be a little tough to play off as a number ten. Unpredictable and his very loose with his back to goal.

He should spend more time on the training ground and less at the dartboard

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Alan Smith yet again on a Spurs match.

We’ve lost another member of the Spurs family today and one of the heroes of our great win over Chelsea in the first all London FA Cup Final of 1967.

RIP Joe Kinnear.

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Had he some degenerative condition or am I thinking of someone else?


Vascular dementia. God’s ease to him now

Fuck thats a tough one. A mates dad had that and his demise was tough. Rip Joe

The Tottenham Hotspur ladies have advanced to their first ever FA Cup Final.