Tour De France

stage 16 of the tour de france last year where floyd landis lost ten odd minutes on his rivals in the last 10km of the race.

The following day’s stage. Quite extraordinary even with what we know now. Excuse the music

The great Miguel Indurain cracks this time.


Tour De France 1987. Commentary is superb.


Smashing posts Piper looking forward to watching the lot of them.

I posted this ages ago but no harm in a repeat:

Roche’s incredible ride at La Plagne where he nearly caught Delgado

This is Roche being interviewed by Hugh McIllvaney about that stage with the relevant footage

Slightly longer highlights of that stage:

Roche winning the 1987 World Championships

Sorry Piper - posted the same footage at the same time as you there.

The one time post 1999 that Armstrong cracked badly on a mountain stage of the Tour. Interesting comments from Armstong regarding Pantani at the end.

I can’t seem to access the last video I posted anymore (the one where Armstrong cracks) when I try searching for it in youtube. Anyone know how I can watch it by using code above or something?

Fixed those for ya Larry. When you see a code

you can find the video by going to

When you get a chance you might put a couple of them into TFKTube

Lovely nod to Kraftwerk here.

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I posted the route on the cycling thread. One for the climbers. No team TT just an individual TT in Marseille on the last Saturday.

You should have posted it in a Tour de France thread.

Salon de Provence is one of my favourite French towns. Delighted to see it get a stage finish.

I’ll set one up next year God willing.

Tour de France 2017 route

Stage 1, Saturday, July 1: Dusseldorf - Dusseldorf (ITT), 13km
Stage 2, Sunday, July 2: Dusseldorf – Liege, 202km
Stage 3, Monday, July 3: Verviers – Longwy, 202km
Stage 4, Tuesday, July 4: Mondorf-Les-Bains – Vittel, 203km
Stage 5, Wednesday, July 5: Vittel – Planche des Belles Filles, 160km
Stage 6, Thursday, July 6: Vesoul – Troyes, 216km
Stage 7, Friday, July 7:Troyes – Nuit-Saint-Georges, 214km
Stage 8. Saturday, July 8: Dole – Station des Tousses, 187km
Stage 9, Sunday, July 9: Nantua – Chambery, 181km
Rest day 1, Monday, July 10
Stage 10, Tuesday, July 11: Perigueux – Bergerac, 178km
Stage 11, Wednesday, July 12: Eymet – Pau, 202km
Stage 12, Thursday, July 13: Pau – Peyragudes, 214km
Stage 13, Friday, July 14: Saint-Girons – Foix, 100km
Stage 14, Saturday, July 15: Blagnac – Rodez, 181km
Stage 15, Sunday, July 16: Laissac-Severac L’Eglise – Le Puy-en-Velay
Rest day 2, Monday, July 17
Stage 16, Tuesday, July 18: Le Puy-en-Velay – Romans-Sur-Isere, 165km
Stage 17, Wednesday, July 19: La Mure – Serre-Chevalier, 183km
Stage 18, Thursday, July 20: Briancon – Izoard, 178km
Stage 19, Friday, July 21: Embrun – Salon-de-Provence, 220km
Stage 20, Saturday, July 22: Marseille – Marseille (ITT), 23km
Stage 21, Sunday, July 23: Montgeron – Paris Champs Elysees, 105km

Any cobbles stage at the start there?

You posted the itinerary for the Tour de France 2017 in the Cycling 2016 thread? What the fuck are you at?

Not really, unless there is a bit around Liege.

I couldn’t be arsed setting up 2017 yet. And I’d be getting notifications when every cunt posted into the thread.

Chris Froome broke his pelvis