Traffic management advice thread

Chaps. I will be travelling into Dublin city centre tomorrow morning (Leeson Street area). I’ve a meeting in there at approximately 9am.

Going from the M1 into Dublin is a relatively new experience for a roaster like me. The first time I did I went in the port tunnel. However, this meeting tomorrow is at the same time the port tunnel charges a tenner so there isn’t a hope I’m doing that. What’s my best route?

Cc @The_Selfish_Giant

The port tunnel


Can you not expense the toll? Allow the guts of an hour to get from the M50 to Leeson Street at that time of morning if not.

Top top business men wouldn’t blink at that fee. Time is money.

Do you consider yourself a top top business man?


M50 ?

Get the train mate, drive to Drogheda

Otherwise,You will get in as far as Whitehall and then it will be bumper to bumper


The train will be around €4.50 though mate. He’ll hardly pay that


Avoid the toll and arrive late. If you’re worth it (which I’m sure you are), they’ll wait.

Drive to Malahide,ill give a backer the rest of the way


He will cross the M50 coming from Louth using the M1 or M2 will he not?


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Drive the m1 till you get to the m50 junction and park up at the topaz on the R132. @The_Selfish_Giant will meet you there with his fixie and you’ll fly in the rest of the way.

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Get the train.

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just stop it, stop typing and embarrassing yourself


Set off now and sleep in the car. You’ll be laughing in the morning.

Train and a few cans

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@KinvarasPassion can recommend a family friendly hotel just 97 minutes outside of Dublin city centre, if that helps.


Whitehall church is positioned there specifically to hold funerals for people who have died in their cars waiting at the traffic lights. Pay the tenner.


Get a room in coppers tonight and drink the shite out of it. You roaster.