Traitors to the Irish people - Covid-19 Edition

Cunts starting threads for Pensioners. The lowest of the low. Who was it again?

And the waaan who plays his partner in the skits
All because she has a mouth like a torn slipper

The ‘professional’ classes

Laura Perrins.

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Exploiting the fact there is no checks for the covid19 payment.


Your not wrong there. This WFH lark is a fucking cod. I’ve watched a lad “WFH” there all morning. It involves multiple cups of coffee (where’s the milk coming from), a burst of toasted sandwiches, a phone call or 2 at max, a spot of typing on laptop while frowning studiously and a few bursts of “useless fucker” comments.

What time is the dinner at… Grrrr… He’s gone upstairs for a nap now.

Would you be right. Great when you can get paid for it I suppose. The youth of today don’t know how good they have it. I’m not seething, fair play to him, but it’s mystefying.


I’m gonna say it and let it be the last time.

Leo Varadkar.

Giving an election speech during one of the biggest crisis’ the nation has seen.


Dadda ya fucker, what are u doing on here.


100 PC correct he’s a right shauneen

Ruth Coppinger


It rang a bell then… Best of luck later in the week. :ok_hand:

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They’ve been utterly shameful. Putting on their ties, having the fry and then going straight back to bed and infesting the INTERNET with their painful accountant/banker ‘wit’ while the rest of society has been taking strong decisive action on the front line, retailers, publicans,GAA, FAI etc, putting the safety or the Irish people first

What has she done now?

I’m still giving that a like, while in the dark.

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That’s bolox about the youth of today. Some fellas enjoy that job while other lads would die a quick death if they had to work in an office or wear a suit to work regardless of pay. They prefer to be out working in a field or what not. Everybody is different the main thing is to be happy at what your at.

Surprised he isnt on grafton street with it. Spreading in mass gatherings

@Thomas_Brady - attempts to undermine our national leader and forum/national morale. Calling for a Chinese style response. A Chinese style response would literally see him killed for that treason.

I’d say you should let this go mate. Like it or not, they’ve done alright. Not perfect, but who the fuck would have. There’s lots of little things being done very right. GP’s triaging* through phone calls, weeding out the dross is fantastic and they’ve managed to sort payment for that immediately. Announcing immediate sick pay at a higher level for any self isolaters. Emptying hospitals in readiness. Our schools closed faster than most european countries and we were later than most of them having cases. The message of social distancing and indeed meaning of it was well done. I get that you’re supersmart and can ascertain facts for yourself but much of the nation aren’t. It was a grand speech. Reassured many people who needed it. Let the Twitter cunts argue over the merits of it.
A combination of the numbers and the divisive ramblings of both FF and SF have landed FG in the hot seat for this(although forming a government in that time would have been nearly impossible anyway). Its their shitstorm. And if they handle it well they will have a serious mandate for government through a groundswell of approval. That’s just the facts of the matter. Seething away there will do no good for yourself or those with you.


I’m zen mate.

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Good to hear mate. Hope you’re enjoying the down time with the family.

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