Trap - Stay or Go

While he has always had his begrudgers in this country there is little disputing that in last two qualifying campaigns we improved a lot under Trap. That said we were very disappointing at the euros and management looked pretty clueless at times with some bemusing comments and selections. Four years is a long time to spend listening to same voice and I think while we have benefited considerably from his repetive methods a change would be best if we can get a good manager in there. I’d worry that if Trap does go (unlikely) we’d make a balls of selecting new manager. The belief I have that Trap isn’t the man to bring us forward wins out for me though.

Very good :shakefist:

Like you say it would all depend on who was likely to replace him. Wouldn’t have any real issue if he walked away or was pushed, while many will complain and find fault i think he has done more good than bad for Irish football during his time in charge and we have come a long way from the rabble we were under the last management. I don’t think he can take us much further though.

Would take him over the likes of the usual suspects who will be linked with the job like Paul Jewell, Roy Keane, Dave O’Leary, Brian Kerr, Alan Curbishley et al.

Should go but it won’t happen.

The Guardian did a worst 11 of Euros so far - plenty of Irish on it.

GK: Shay Given (Ireland) 4.47[/font]
RB: Gregory van der Wiel (Holland) 4.43[/font]
CB: Richard Dunne (Ireland) 4.90[/font]
CB: Sean St Ledger (Ireland) 5.00[/font]
LB: Stephen Ward (Ireland) 4.00[/font]
RM: Arjen Robben (Holland) 4.47[/font]
CM: Nigel de Jong (Holland) 4.67[/font]
CM: Glenn Whelan (Ireland) 4.17[/font]
LM: Aiden McGeady (Ireland) 4.43[/font]
ST: Robbie Keane (Ireland) 4.17[/font]
ST: Robin van Persie (Holland) 4.93[/font]

The dutch left back Willens must have scored 4.01.And Van Bommel 4.18.

Clearly wrong, they’ve left Zlatan out of it.

Ireland[font=arial] Keith Andrews 5.10[/font]

[font=arial]So our best player, according to this, wasn’t far off making the worst 11 it seems.[/font]

Sure what does that matter?
Did you not hear the singing of the fans at the Spain game?

Easy from the cheap seats, mate. Sounds to me that someone is a bit cheesed off that his tight tipp girlfriend wouldn’t let him go to the Euro’s

I certainly did.
It reminded me of the atmosphere at all the games I’ve been to in the Aviva.*

[size=2]*may not be true[/size]

For me, we were better in the World Cup campaign than the Euros campaign, we just had a more favourable draw (though the defence stopped conceding easy goals, which was good). It’s worse we’re getting, imo, so now is the time to go. Doesn’t seem to me like the players are responding to him as well these days. Next campaign could easily be a horror show.

In fairness this is based on the site readers’ rating. Means very little, Glen Johnson and John O’Shea were both worse than the Dutch RB.

stay-has worked miracles with terrible footballer from teams such as wigan,wolves,west brom and villa


I think he has earned another campaign albeit with a few changes to his philosophy. Qualifying for the Euros was an excellent achievement with that bunch of players. Granted we were absolutely shit in the tournament - I simply think it was a case of the bar being raised and us not being good enough.

A few things I would like to see changed:

  • Encouraging central midfielders to get on the ball and play instead of the long ball to Doyle. The amount of possession we wasted with hopeful punts from O’Shea and Dunne was criminal.
  • Some flexibility in terms of the system. We are much too predictable at present in the 4-4-2 with creative emphasis with the wingers. We are so easy to play against.
  • Introduction of new players into the side in order to freshen things up.


Very surprised it was Larryduff who started this thread.…very surprised indeed

Trap must stay


All Ireland’s best players were two years older than then and on a downslope in their careers so it’s hardly surprising. Ireland have a severe shortage of good players aged 20-24 at the moment so it’s going to be difficult for the next 5 years or so. Luckily there seems to be some decent players coming through the underage ranks at the minute who should be blooded in 2-3 years time.

I also meant to post earlier about the absolute rubbish spouted by Dunphy with regard to the players ‘left behind’ by Trap. James McCarthy pulled out of the squad, Keith Fahey was injured. It was also funny seeing him go on about Seamus Coleman being some sort of genius when the reality is far from it.

His bit about Swansea was also garbage. He was blowing his load over the work of the researcher when the researcher only picked one match to show Swansea’s quality of football.

Needs to move the old guard on. If not, we will not progress.

Stay. Chalk the euros down to bad experience and progress from there.