Travel agents and airlines: Cunts

Discuss. Any of ye on the hook?

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Watching a bit on the BBC news here. Some lads in for a fair few bob

As in refunds?

ryanair are trying to fuck me for six or 7 flights, get the credit card company to charge them back

Yeah. Very reluctant to dish them out.

Offering vouchers to me.

Have flights booked with Ryanair for July. Those crooked bastards lye awake at night thinking of ways to rob us

Yes. Ryanair flights to Turkey in mid May, no updates provided

Yes flights to Reus Start of June. Accommodation booked separately and we can rebook.
Flights are with TUI and at the moment are going ahead, can’t see tourists flocking to Spain in 5 weeks somehow.

AIB won’t process chargebacks if its airline & covid related

Was supposed to be coming back from a week in the Algarve today, same boat as @CillDioma so far as far as getting money bacb

If the flight flys it’s tough shit though if Spain has reopened?

Was planning to drive to France this year but have flights to Ireland later in the summer that I’ll probably have to reschedule.

It’s a real double blow for the Italians and the Spanish this. There are certainly parts of Ireland and a section that will hurt very hard due to tourism slowing down, but it’s a different story over there.

Yes correct, you’d be faced with the option of travelling and taking whatever risks associated with that.

That exact reason makes me fear they will irrationally open up earlier than they should.

Our flights to France in June had a time change so this seems to have triggered a refund process. Havent looked at it yet

I looked at Killarney for the first week in August, said I’d book it free cancellation, if we were able to go grand support the economy, if not no big deal we’d get it back.

Everywhere wanted a thousand quid plus for one week, in the middle of an international lock down, where all their foreign tourists can’t get in they want to milk paddy dry instead.
Scott’s bar which is a glorified hostel over head a very loud pub want €1150 for one room for a week (it includes breakfast for two which is sound).

There’s obviously a few people with the same idea as me and they are trying to get every penny they can from us.
I’d rather lock myself into the house for another week.

I wouldn’t wish any normal person lose their jobs but if the people who owned these business lost their bollox I wouldn’t lose any sleep.


Youth unemployment is something mental still in Italy and Spain. If some of them are off on the black market working in tourism, it will keep them sane. If they are losing more jobs to an industry on it’s knees, I’d worry about political stability.