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I don’t think there needs to be a process when Trap leaves, just give it to Big Mick

McCarthy reveals World Cup wish

By Phil Campion

Friday, July 22, 2011

MICK McCARTHY yesterday celebrated five years at the helm with Wolves and revealed he would love to take the Republic of Ireland to another World Cup.

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McCarthy guided the Republic of Ireland to the last 16 in the 2002 World Cup and yesterday he revealed his ambitions plans for the future.

“If we start doing my wish list then the reality is I want to win the Premier League,” said the 52-year-old.

“But I also want to go to another World Cup or a European Championships with another international team or with Ireland.”

McCarthy spent six years with Ireland and he still rates leading his side to the 2002 World Cup as one of the best times of his career.

The incidents in Saipan and fall out with Roy Keane that split the nation have not diminished his desire to manage Ireland again.

The Yorkshire born former centre-half admitted he only contemplated leaving Wolves on one occasion, when he was offered the South Korea coach’s job in December 2007 after a tough year and a half in the Molineux hot-seat.

“The South Korea job was the only time for me personally,” said McCarthy.

"I did quite fancy it actually – I just got approached and asked.

"I thought about it and I’d have enjoyed it — trying to take another team to a World Cup does appeal.

"I’d sooner take Ireland to another World Cup but taking another one would be fantastic.

“But the opportunity came and went and it was the right thingbecause I wanted to be here and I wanted to get into the Premier League with Wolves.”

McCarthy still has the odd rant and can be a nightmare for anyone from the media who happens to have asked the wrong question but as time goes on the former no-nonsense defender appears to have a longer fuse.

“Without doubt,” he smiled when asked if he has mellowed over the years.

"I still haven’t lost that desire to win, but I’m more considered.

"I use that word a lot myself — I think about things a little bit more.

"Sometimes I might fly off the handle — which is necessary from time to time — but I hope I’m becoming a better manager.

“But if I wasn’t getting better, there would be something wrong.”

This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Friday, July 22, 2011

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Chewy Louie

Added for you now Chewie.

Not sure wankers like Gibson would take too well to Mick’s no-nonsense style of management. Hughton would be my choice. Seems to go about his job quietly, professionally and efficiently.


Hughton’s and his training style/methods were one of the main reasons Kerr lost the dressing room during his time in charge

I believe either the bhoy or dunph already did this please remove the superfluous please

Mick is a dinosaur. No fucking way

If having an Irish connection is a pre requisite, Coyle, Hughton, O’Driscoll all preferrable than lump it up to Doyle, Foley and Ward on the wings.

Where did you read that Puke? I don’t remember that being said.

Anyway, not sure how you can advocate Mick’s return but rule out Hughton if losing the dressing room is a factor. Check out Steven Carr’s “performance” in Mick’s last game.

Fixed the title for you now, Chewy.

It was widely reported at the time, Fanning and a few other of the Sindo brigade were especially scading of the two at the time, players felt there was peralysis with analysis from Kerr and that Hughton’s training methods were uninspiring and boring.


Brilliant stuff Puke. They’re not just typos - you’re actually making up words now.

Working with talented players is not his strength. Good for the come on lads, pride in the jersey bullshit but little else. Next manager at Parkhead maybe but certainly no more to do with Ireland.


hughons is a failed assistant manager yet some people want him to manage the team

there is nothing more sickening than peralysis with analysis


I had forgotten about the peralysis with analysis.

I hereby withdraw my support for Chris.

I often think that when reading some of Fran’s posts

your an idiot mate-mccarthys eye for talent is well known all over europe

ask any olympique lyonnais fans about mccarthys time there- he is widely credited with the change in their transfer policy to buying young & improving players rather than established players,getting the club to invest in relocation consultants to help new players settle,not being adverse to buying talented players with personal problems.Mccarthy knows the value of talented players & when to buy them. He is stiffled with wolves as they arent an attractive club

two typo’s, but you get the jist of my point

I wouldn’t mind seeing Trap keeping the job til 2014 with Robbie taking over as player/manager for euro 2016 qualifying

Mick will be back - best FS manager ever