TV Rights, best avoided


To who?


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Have you checked the spudhockey figures?

10% Year on Year drop once again. World cup games involving England getting higher, well below an Irish football or rugby game


How much is it down in real money mate?


It seems Limerick GAA are actually not Box Office at all.


I didn’t want to say it but yes that is correct


Between match attendance, big screen in Gaelic grounds and Newcastle… There was no one left watching it on tv in Limerick… The fact it still topped 1million from the rest of the country would indicate we are indeed box office.

This can finally be put to bed now.

Lock the thread.


1 million :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:




Throw them up there mate


Thanks for the heads up mate. I thought 1 million viewers was pretty impressive for a pastime that’s only played in counties surrounding TIpperary


group think by the gahliban here

they believe that 1m people watched this based on a press release. you guys need to dig deeper and challenge things

You are way off with 1m


You are right, it was probably more, we will have to wait on the ESRI report for confirmation


its ok mate, its been confirmed


You’re right - pubs all over the country and Dublin packed out for it… 82k at it … big screens with thousands in attendance… it was probably closer to 3m… it got 75% of tv viewership in Ireland… and of course there’s the sky element … probably 3.5m watched it in Ireland and millions more around the world.


I watched it back again as well so 1m and one


Even those pseudo intellectual wankers the rubberbandits were watching the match.

There was some blue red soccer super Sunday thing on Sky that would have preoccupied a large part of the Dublin populace who identify as brits.

You are not Irish in the true meaning of the word if you did not watch the hurling. You might be some new fandangled contemporary pro choice Irish hipster if you didnt.
In lay mans terms a cunt


That’s far-right ethno-nationalist fuckwittery, mate.


The gahliban hiding behind emotive true Gael language to hide their disappointment here.


You can’t be a “fior Gael” without “fear”.


have you seen the figures mate?