TV Rights, best avoided


Athletics is thriving mate.


jump boots basketball is the way forward


The hurling final had 1.007m viewers on RTÉ alone. I’m no mathematical sage but that’s significantly more than the Football.


Shocking stats for the GGA. Were there any figures released for the Irish soccer football team’s games this year?


Thursday night v Wales ???


Haven’t they had any games yet??? Will be a huge audience tuning in on Thursday so.




It was actually 1.087 pal.


Does the figure include the 40.000 at the Gaelic grounds ???


TV Audience guesstimation is a fine art, @Ashman. I have no doubt they have included that figure.


It is. The exception. Badly needs funding though to help those athletes get to next level.

Impossible to get into an athletics club in Dublin at the moment. I’m pushing Crokes to form one to develop the athletes we need for Dublin South to challenge North Dublin in Croke Park in the 2033 All Ireland World series of seven.


SKY continuing to bleed TV rights.


I’m guessing they’re going to lose England and Lions rights as well. Those are the only premier rugby rights they have left.

Super Rugby, the Rugby Championship and other SH rugby are good fillers for the weekends for them but are quite pricey now.


If they ever lose the Premier League it’ll surely be lights out?


Yeah that’s what keeps it going.

They’re a bit unfortunate in that BT now have to reign in their own spending but the big boy Tech companies are involved.

Will be interesting to see what happens with Disney, News Corp and Sky.


AFAIK they pretty much lose money on sport, which is mainly an enticement to broadband provision, which is where the money is.


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