TV Rights, best avoided


Pity bt’s coverage was good.


Terrible news for our domestic league.


The worst thing about it will be the loss of Sutty for SPL coverage.


Looks like Eleven Sports may be going under.


that’s Leeds United fucked


Saw that. 50,000 subscriptions so far. Even if they paid the £6 a month from inception to now that’s only about £1.5m. I don’t know what the rights cost them but I’d venture UFC alone cost multiples of that.
Sky were paying £18m for the la liga rights though it’s possible they got them for a little less. But still a long long way from break even.

UFC pulling the plug on them now, and IMG talking about taking the rights back off them for la liga & serie a as well


They needed a TV channel to make any inroads. If you’re internet only lads can just get streams that are as good quality for most games anyway and also your internet needs to be good enough to keep up with the live game anyway



Can I have my apology? @The_Selfish_Giant


Lot of apologies owing by the looks of it.


Why is there no Irish ground football games on the list?


Was there some special Room to Improve episode aired last year?


Because they weren’t on free to air TV I’d imagine


Can i get a ireland soccerball v peppa pig comparison

And the highest share of the market all year… Galway roasters v limerick roasters :facepunch:


Daniel O Donnell.


Great viewing figures for the Ireland Argentina in the rugby


If we doubted it at all, Liverpool are Ireland’s club.


We all watched it in Supermacs
A win win


When used tony o donoghue be annoying MON then?

I thought RTE had the rights but open to correction


20k watched the hurling final on big screen at the GG . So More watched than Room to Improve & the soccer ball between England & Croatia.

I would have thought RM v Liverpool would have been bigger .