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when did you turn into HBV?



The final rating is based on a blend of peak, reach and average. It is the same for everything.

Your data is incomplete. Please educate yourself before you participate on this topic again.


Why is this show the only one with a major discrepancy Tim, and why can I find multiple articles, and a press release from RTE, stating the rugby game was the 2nd most watch sporting event on RTE in 2018 after the England v Croatia game?


Big football games get well over 1 million mate


There wasn’t 80 thousand in the studio of room to improve


Shows how many west brits are lurking when england tops the ratings but ireland have never sold out a soccer game in rugbys home ground




Patriotic Irish people watched that game to see England being beaten.


Well that’s just not true mate. Plenty of games there have sold out. The playoff vs Denmark in 17 being the most recent I can recall off the top of my head


Can you read the word Average and comprehend the difference given what was said above?

RTÉ announced the final rating for England v Croatia at the time on the above metrics, they didn’t announce the All Blacks one.

It’s really not that difficult.


As with rugby by that metric.

World Cup games for the Irish rugby team get over 1m. Big ROI tournament games for soccer get over 1m. This excludes the North.

Irish rugby gets far more consistent annual ratings for the national team, a good chunk of the above football games above are non Ireland games.

There is no doubt who the favourite team on the island are for viewers, bums on seats and sponsorship.


whats the highest football rating and whats the highest rugby rating from 2010 onwards?


For ROI.

France above for Ireland.

Croatia v ROI for football - 1.24m

When UTV ratings for the Irish rugby team are considered it will be higher.


UTV or BBC Northern Ireland didn’t show the Croatia game?


ROI games don’t rate well in Northern Ireland. Not one of the 2016 Euros games got into the top 20. They are for team Northern Ireland.


any rugby games in the mix here mate?

can you get me the figures for Nordies watching ROI games on rte. too?


They would be in the top 20.

That’s 2016 mate.

The simple fact is that the Irish rugby are year in year out in the top 20 programmes in the ROI. The football team aren’t.

Another simple fact is that the Irish rugby team are the best attended team on the island.

Another fact is that they have the biggest team sponsorship deal on the island.

My contention has always been that football is more popular in Ireland, but the Irish rugby team are “Ireland’s team”. That is borne out of consistent performance. In the 1990s things were different but it is not that way now.

The GGA cannot score ratings beyond semis and finals. They cannot touch football or rugby for singular events.


The rugby and football teams are national teams. GAA teams are not. Rugby and football games are also generally played at better times for a TV audience


Why are you lying?


Sure the Limerick and Galway hurlers got 30k more than them and they only counties