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Handball ?


What about 2015 or 2018?

I have posted the figures above. Rugby football has the most top 20 appearances in recent years. Similar to regularly packing out the Avila.

Meanwhile the ROI football team only gets peak ratings for crucial qualifiers (i.e. Euros and Playoffs). The average Aviva game for football is not particularly well attended. Consistency is key and that’s why Vodafone pay the most in Ireland. When the North is considered this isn’t close. Robbie Brady goes up to an Orange Order parade and they’d shrug their shoulders. He goes somewhere in Dublin and he is a hero. Everywhere Brian O’Driscoll goes he is treated like a hero.

It is no wonder that the rugby team has the appeal. It’s taking in all races and creeds. It’s welcoming the New Irish like CJ Stander. The ROI is looking at an increasingly depleated Oirish playing stock coming from British football academies and is in line to he the biggest sufferer of children choosing their XBox over going outside.

The GGA’s attendances continue to suffer as broadband expands into rooral Ireland.

The future is very bright for rugby football as a whole. The Irish Rugby team being the island’s favourite is just the beginning.


If you have/will have a child would you let them play rugby?



Would you let your child play football?


I have daughters mate


There were no Ireland football games on free TV in 2018



Different sports have games on FTA. Rugby wouldn’t have had any of the Australian series on FTA, tough titties. One would imagine that given they weren’t on FTA then the attendances might get a bump. The highest attendance the ROI got was 80% or capacity.

What’s your 2015 excuse? Why did a non Ireland RWC game outrate a crucial ROI qualifying tie?


What are you saying here?


You asked what about 2018 and I gave the answer


Blind as well as inept.

Why were the football attendances so poor mate?


Sorry mate, only getting to this now. There are two main reasons why the Irish rugby team find it easier to fill the Aviva stadium than the soccer team.

Number 1 is that most of the rugby fans in this country live in South Dublin which obviously makes it easy to get to Lansdowne Road. This is also the most affluent part of the country meaning its easier for these people to afford tickets.

Number 2 is that all international rugby games are on weekends while the majority of Irish international football games are in the middle of the week making it very difficult for people outside Dublin or even other parts of Dublin to get to the Aviva Stadium on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening



Dublin is a populous city and is where football is king in Ireland. There is no excuse for the attendances, it has been going on for years. Even when Northern Ireland came to play on a Saturday two weeks ago they barely got above 31k.

The ROI’s viewership and attendances go which way the wind is blowing. That’s the reality.


This is an interesting longer term view. Slightly out of date but the sports figures for this year wouldn’t have troubled it that much.


looks like football rules thewaves


That never happened.

I think its pretty obvious that the location of the ground and the times of matches are massive advantages that rugby has over soccer


I think if Ireland got to a RWC semi final or final the top figure for a sporting event could be challenged.

What is obvious from the figures too is that moving the GGA finals forward is a catastrophe in terms of viewership. For all the guff about the greatest championship ever, the public weren’t engaged and the viewership for this year was 200k down on last year for a similar pairing. They can blame the hot weather etc but that’s a serious dip.


Whole heap and variety of excuses being trotted out here


How many people would be out of the country in August do you think?


No, just two excuses that make a lot of sense. What doesn’t make sense is Tim making up some game that apparently happened two weeks ago against Northern Ireland