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its fooked up show no doubt about that

Watched a bit of Arrested Development, but lost track of it on TV3, might go looking for that then.

rescue Me is top stuff also.

Id love to see some of them shows yer talking baout but im a fookin technology retard, i cannot for the life of me figure out torrents or any of that shite…even on the downloading music from the net thread rocko had shown some real easy way to do it from google but not a hope could I do it…

Cracker - ITV drama with Robbie Coltrane from the mid 90’s, fantastic stuff but really disturbing, especially the three-parter with Robert Carlyle as a crazy Liverpool supporter out to kill 96 people in revenge for Hillsborough.

Series 1 or 2 of Auf Wiedersehen Pet are both brilliant- not sure if you can get them on DVD but they’re shown on digital TV a good bit.
Thought RTE’s Pure Mule was great stuff also, pity they didn’t make another series.

i think i remember that one…your man from the full monty played the murderer…robert carlisle or something like that…he used to keep chanting L.I.V-E.R.P-OO.L liverpool fc…

Some great recommendations in here. Cracker, Pure Mule and Arrested Development are all excellent.

savage episode, used a box of matches to count the people he killed or somehting

how do you do that spoiler thing ye all do ?

One of the guys off of Pure Mule passed away. Can’t rem his name, think it was Murphy in real life. He played Scoobies brother, the one who owned the red beemer. He was in Man about Dog too. A loss…

Tom Murphy was his name. He was in Adam and Paul too.

[quote=“dancarter”]savage episode, used a box of matches to count the people he killed or somehting

how do you do that spoiler thing ye all do ?[/quote]

(spoiler)text you want hidden(/spoiler)

except replace those ( ) guys with [ ]

That’s the one, class actor.

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except replace those ( ) guys with [ ][/quote]

Colm and Jim Jim Rock!!!

[quote=“Phil Leotardo”]I suppose if I make an effort to watch tv series I go for the grrtty but well written well acted often complex shows so its The Wire for me. Essential box set viewing. A second after The Sopranos of course but nothing I have seen even comes close to these two.

Band of Brothers was class alright.

The popcorn shows such as Prison Break, Lost, CSI, 24 while entertaining in parts just don’t hold my attention anymore. For escapism I stick to comedy box sets…Seinfeld, Curb, The Office,etc,etc.

I have being highly recommended a show called “Weeds”. Anyone seen it?[/quote]

What phil says

Follow that show religiously, shamefully overlooked, a little masterpiece.

DL’ing is a piece of piss really, failing that try a little beauty of a site called surfthechannel for streaming shows and movies, thats if you’re happy to watch it on PC.

Anyone ever seen Carnivale? I’ve been told it’s excellent stuff.

Yep, I was sad to hear of Tom Murphy’s death a few months back- thought he was excellent in Pure Mule.

He sure was…“Scobie boy”

Also excellent in Adam and Paul.

I saw him in a play called Trousers in Andrews Lane. I’d say he was dead only 3-4 months later. I was shocked when I heard the news.


Entourage has to be the best thing on the telly since the Sops. Fuckin brilliant. Cannot find a fault with it. Plus the hot new agent Vince has will be showing the flesh as he’s about to start banging her.

I’d know idea Tom Murphy had died. He was excellent in the few things i’d seen him in. rip

Just downloaded Series 1 of Entourage so I’ll give that a whirl over the next while - is it a comedy or a drama?