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She was in season two, I won’t ruin it for people by saying if she was still alive or if it was flashbacks but you’ll see her alright. Its all about the lovely Sofie Lund for me though. That’s why I kept with it. They’d a great cast in season one. That Dennis Quaid fella was awful in it and he was their star name for the new season.


Yeah I’ve started watching Bloodline. A different setting to most shows down in the Florida Keys.

It is slow paced but watchable. Mixes the white trash with the ‘well to do’ in small town America.

Ben Mendelsohn is excellent in it.


Watchable but just more of the same really


Agreed, great actor.


I’ve been watching this the last few weeks. The plot is a bit holey, but I find anything with a time travel element wrecks my head, for consistency etc. Overall reasonably enjoyable though it won’t change your life or anything.


You watch this @Rocko it started out as a drama, with a kind of a dark humour, about black lads trying to get by in Atlanta, but it morphed fairly bizarrely into a really weird comedy as the season went on. It’s fairly decent as a comedy, but it took me by surprise, there’s some really weird episodes towards the end.


I’ve been meaning to watch it for sometime, I must give it a shot. Glover is quite funny and talented, he was very good in Community. He will also be playing Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo prequel.


It started out fairly straight laced but ended up a bit community-esque with a few almost stand alone episodes that were pretty off the wall.


My feelings exactly, enjoyable enough, I assume it was a one off?


Based on Stephen king book I think


Anyone watching the new marvel show Legion which started on FX a few weeks back. Not your typical comic book show. I am three episodes in and for a while didnt have a clue what the fuck was going on. Its well acted and well shot with likable characters and has a wonderful weirdness to it. 7.5/10 so far. It getting better as it goes along so am expecting big things over the next few episodes. Of course it could turn out to be a steaming pile of shite as well. If you are going to watch it go in to it blind.


The man in the high castle – worth watching ?


It’s fine.


What shows on Amazon would you recommend ? I’m on the months trial …


Sneaky Pete seems to be the one to watch right now.


Sneaky Pete is excellent


National Treasure is well worth watching.


I gave Taboo three episodes then deleted it last night. Didn’t grab me at all. Tom Hardy must be getting bored of playing big indestructible violent fuckers that grunt a lot at this stage.


He’s definitely overdoing that alright. I’ve watched the first 7 episodes and will watch the last one tomorrow night probably but it’s only been ok.

Finished watching Better Call Saul S2 at the weekend. Very good.


Too masculine for your liking, sugarplum?