Tv Shows & Mini Series


It looked like a pile of shit to me from the trailers.


First episode of Harlots is decent.


Fargo couldn’t possibly be shit.


The Expanse S2 is a considerable step up from S1. Definitely the best Sci-Fi TV out there post BSG.


‘13 Reasons Why’ is also worth a look, if you get over the teenage cast.


Sneaky Pete any good, gents?


Very good watch alright,ribisi very good in leading role.


Prison Break is back :eek:


I like the sound of it. Is it on netflix or the likes? Or which TV channel?


It’s on the Syfy channel. Download the torrents.




A new season of Samurai Jack has been released. It’s much darker with much more developed story lines, it’s class so far. The first three episodes remind me of Logan. @cluaindiuic might be up your street.


Isn’t that a cartoon? :joy:


Just watched the first episode of Westworld and really enjoyed it,loved the premise of the original film and the series looks to take it forward.


Just re watched the first series of True Detective, great viewing. What are vinyl or billions like?


Billions is entertaining but shallow.




Nembo loved Vinyl


That man is rarely wrong


Billions is excellent viewing. Last episode was class.

Homeland finale was top notch too