Tv Shows & Mini Series


Great episode of Better Call Saul this week


Finished rectify this evening. It’s an outstanding series. Slow moving but all the better for it.


Richie Finestra was a great character.


Veep is back :clap:


Silicon Valley is back :clap:


This was excellent for anyone looking out for something new.


Los Pollos Hermanos :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Another shout for The Bureau. Series 2 is excellent, touted by some as the best television ever made in France.



Where did you watch this is it on Netflix?


The Pirate bay.


Peter Quinn. :clap:


Jimmy has stitched Charles up like a kipper…


Billions is a great show. Worth tuning in to look at this beauty if nothing else:


Is that Caitlyn Jenner?


Is that a man?


What a classy lady. I’m quite fond of Jewish women.


Anyone else watching season 3 of Fargo? It is building nicely. Varga is a great character


Series on tv3 the other night called little boy blue. A dramatization of a true story about a kid who got shot by accident in liverpool. Decent effort.


Am watching inside death row with Trevor MacDonald, he is interviewing a prisoner and he asks what he did, the prisoner says that he committed one murder and it’s the only time he was in trouble. Turns out he killed 2 people.