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Season 3 of Bosch on Amazon


Cunt on there now. Death is too good for him


Good and proper


When did it start


Started in the States 4 weeks ago.


I’ll wait until it’s almost finished and then watch it over the course of two weeks.

Finished Billions last night. For a show that doesn’t have very many likeable characters I found it tremendously enjoyable. The last two episodes were very entertaining.


Billions is too far fetched for my liking Axelrod is a painful cunt too


Have you a US proxy address for watching that or is through another medium? Pain in my hole waiting for Amazon to unlock all the decent shows


I watch it on Amazon Prime but it’s on sockshare if you want to stream or download, finished Season 3 this evening


How much is Amazon prime?


We pay £70 for the year and get free next day delivery on purchases with that, mrs donovan makes good use of that. It’s definitely worth it, lots of good shows and movies on there


the actor who played cy tolliver is dead


You need to check into the celeb death thread pal.


Should I give Taboo a go or does Tom Hardy annoyingly over act every scene he’s in?


Leave Tom Hardy alone. He is top class





Good fuck, this shouldn’t last 2 episodes


It’s meh


Watched two episodes, load of shite.