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My uncle was here telling me about it a while ago. He said it was the saddest most rotten thing he’d ever seen, albeit worth watching. He actually doesn’t watch TV so not sure what to think of his review.


Haven’t seen this weeks episode yet. It’s well made though. Depressing enough alright.


Hello Saul Goodman :clap:


About fucking time.


Taboo is a great show.


Saw this weeks show last night. Life is fair shite in Liverpool I’d say


Is it a two part series or longer?


6 or 8 not sure


Anyone watch American Gods? Is it any good?


Is wayward pines worth a watch?


I watched the first series. First few episodes are decent and set things up well before going full sci fi. 6/10 at best


Cheers pal, I’m going to give it a go here although I dislike sci fi.


Lads can someone explain in a few sentences or bullet points what the original twin peaks was all about? All i know is the prom queen in the town was murdered and a special agent comes out to investigate it. I get the impression the town is a bit weird?

I’m on episode three of the highly acclaimed Twin Peaks the return but i’m feeling a bit lost. It’s all very, very weird to me.


Twin peaks started v well but it went apeshit after a while. It went from being a crime story to being an unbelievably weird fucked up show. It’s shit


Was it about aliens or something?


Not aliens but there was talking rabbits and shit like that


The first three episodes of the return are bat shit crazy anyway. Off the wall stuff. There’s a talking bush.


I’ve watched the first two. Thorougly enjoyable as ever.

McGregor is a bit meh but David Thewlis is just dominating every time he’s on the screen.

Mary Liz Winstead is terrific also.


Fargo is still a good show but it’s a bit samey. Indomitable female lead as the cop, an obstructionist police chief, a hapless criminal, a charismatic and eccentric super villain. The episodes are well assembled but it is too repetitive at this point.


Have you watched the latest House of Cards ?