Tv Shows & Mini Series


Nope. Not that crazy about it.


I kind of gave up on it after last season, you watching?


Started… More of the same really… Just passing an hour more so than watching out of interest.


Watched two episodes this week. The usual really. No sign of Jackie and Remy yet.



:joy: freaky shit


Frank Underwood is a homosexual


It is a bit samey and is the weakest of the three series so far without a doubt. One or two plot twists aside so far there is an inevitability about it which wasn’t the case in season one or season two. It is still a decent watch but nowhere near as gripping


Paula on RTE 1 is top notch

Dark as fuck


Watching ‘Endeavour’ here - well worth a look for Morse fans.


Took a free month trial of Amazon Prime. You can only access a handful of their own shows, but I’m gonna check out American Gods which seems to be getting good reviews.
If you’re looking for some harmless fodder to watch with your life partner, I enjoyed the series Red Oaks on it. Set in the 80s in a country club, it’s main character is played by Craig Roberts (who was in the film ‘Submarine’ a number of years back). Jennifer Grey from Ferris Bueller and Richard Kind play his parents, while Paul Reiser is also in it. It’s good fun.


Real return to form in Fargo this week. Utterly surreal especially the stuff in the bowling alley


It turns to awful shit after the first episode


Sherlock season 4 any good lads?




Gents, is season 3 of Twin Peaks worth watching for someone who hasn’t seen the first 2 series?


Is it a continuation of the original series? I thought it was a remake. You should watch the original season 1 first in any case. It’s superb. Second season goes off the rails a bit.

And no I doubt you would need to have seen the original. But you should.


Starting this. Talk to ye in a few weeks lads


I’m watching season three but it doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems absolutely bonkers. I would think it help inordinately to have watched seasons one and two. Yes it is a sequel set years later. It’s like a madder x-files.


Jimmy is some cunt :grin: