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2 episodes into Orange is the new black, not sure what to make of it yet, is it worth sticking with as something to watch with the missus?




What did ye make of Peaky Blinders?


What’s this show?


Never seen it, thought stranger things was ok, 7/10.


I’ve given you your answer




Mr Robot


Mr Robot. You won’t like it.


American Gods on Amazon is a fantastic series (through 4 episodes). A top, top show. Ian McShane again ruling all he surveys.




Its a mindfuck kind of programme.


Not enough canned laughs


Maybe I’m just not very intelligent and I can’t follow the plot but House of Cards is gone to fuck.

I’ve got two episodes left and I just need to get through them now so I can start Fargo.


Must say I’m slightly disappointed in Silicon Valley this season too. It’s become a bit tired and Richard is just annoying rather than funny right now.

Dinesh is the best thing about the show.


Finally, Veep is still excellent. I thought they’d struggle this season but it’s surprised me.


Veep is one of the best shows on TV at present. Trump only plays into their hands. Trump on the other hand almost cuts the legs out from under HOC.

I see Bachman is leaving SV, which is a shame, and could again lead to a more Richard centric show, Dinesh and Gilfoyle are tremendous fun.


I watched it till the end, a very weak season very disappointing


This is an awfully solid crime show.


It just keeps following the same arc, so close but back to square 1 every time.