Tv Shows & Mini Series


This is outstanding. I was up til all hours watching the whole thing. If you are not bothered by subtitles well worth a watch


Netflix original series Ozark has started promisingly.
Watched 2 episodes so far.
Jason Bateman stars - about a money launderer for a drug cartel


I’m about 4 episodes in it’s quite good feel of breaking bad to it


Agree rating.

Have also watched two episodes and it does look promising.


Currently making my way through Bates Motel - better than I expected.


Recently watched Appletree Yard - not very good.
Also watched Marcella with Anna Friel. The only good thing about that was that Anna Friel was in it.
For some reason my missus has us watching some pommy crime thingy called Happy Valley. It’s actually quite good.




Glow (Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling) is an enjoyable distraction, well made and with a good cast. One to watch with the missus I would suggest to the partnered up members of the forum. It won’t see you wrong.


Depends on her sense of humour. Can see a lot of the humour in it falling flat for some.


Did you watch Broadchurch as well?


Broadchurch series 1 was very good I thought.


Outstanding. Chilling enpugh show. Serious suspense right to the end


Watched 1&2 on netflix. Some good strong performances. I see the victim’s mother is the new Doctor Who.


The Loch was along the same lines. Not as brilliant as Broadchurch season 1 but a very watchable show.


The two detectives are outstanding actors, to be honest the whole cast are solid, I’ve watched all 3 series on the back of the strength of season 1, the others are fine but nowhere near as good.


She was brilliant in it. A beautiful woman


A lovely lady


I saw the trailers and whilst they look good I can’t bring myself to watch it if there’s any chance you’ve to find Bateman affable. I find him an insufferable arsehole.

The leftovers season three has ended and I’m half way through. Its superb. cc @Julio_Geordio


I really enjoyed the leftovers after mate. I must go back to it now for the new season, you streaming it or is it on netflix or demand? I can’t remember where I watched it.

I watched the new Netflix show Riverdale recently. Tame enough but the missus enjoyed it so we watched through.
Also watched the first episode of Ozarks which she had no interest in, but I thought was an interesting enough premise. I’ll return to it some evening when I’m on my own.

Anyone watching Dark Matter? Started off well but I’m not sure what to make of it now. I think I still enjoy it but I can’t tell. The female lead is unrale so it could just be that.


If you have sky demand just download them through that like I did. Normally you pay for their box sets but they allowed leftovers new season to be downloaded for free to me anyway. Possibly because it only ended lately enough on sky Atlantic. Season three is probably the best season of it I’ve seen to date which is saying something. Maybe season one was a touch better but I’m preferring it to last seasons. I think this may be it for the show but not 100%. Can’t believe it doesn’t have more of a following but I think its one where people will as appreciate it in ten years time.