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I’d also recommend “In The Dark” running on BBC at the moment.,0,182,268_AL.jpg

Nine months pregnant but she just won’t slow down.


He is an anti-hero pal. You are not supposed to like him.


We did, thought the first series was very good.


Happy valley is excellent


Finished watching it over the weekend, it is very very good. The woman in the lead role, Sarah Lancaster? I know she’s been on brit tv for years, but I can’t actually remember anything she was in, she was outstanding.


Her first major role was Raquel in Coronation St., she’s been in loads of things since then and she is brilliant in Happy Valley.
She’s Sarah Lancashire


Anybody watching The Defiant Ones? Watched 3 of the 4 episodes. Not bad. I think our local gangbangers would enjoy it. @glasagusban @Turenne @ChocolateMice


She was in Coronation Street for years. Think she was Curly Watts missus. She is brilliant in Happy Valley.

edit; I see you already ansered @Midshipman_Asha. Is there a new series of happy Valley due out do you know?


Nothing happy about Happy Valley.


Watched three episodes last night. Very enjoyable


Ray Donovan Season 5 returned last night :tada: :tada:


Any good? Must try find it online now


It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen and I don’t say that lightly


1st episode of season 5 I meant. Profile pic gives it away


It was ok as a season opener, no fireworks



And to top it off the magnificent Peter Mullen shows up in episode 4!!!


Just finished series 1 of Ozark.

Gets better and better. One of the final scenes is shocking. Highly recommended.


Finished watching the second series last night, a really excellent show.


Have you tried, Broadchurch, Vera, Shetland or Scott & Bailey?


Broadchurch series 1 very good, rest not so much. Shetland is shite. Never heard of the rest.
TBH I only watch what the Mrs puts on, I’m not really all that bothered about TV, it’s just something to do while we sit with each other and talk at the end of the day.