Tv Shows & Mini Series


“The Affair” is being dragged out to the bitter end.


It’s excellent really


Mr Mercedes is worth a watch


It is, a bit weird and slow burning after an explosive start but intriguing


I see designated survivor is back on Netflix


Guys, I shall be committing to The Deuce from this weekend.


I’m currently committed to ‘The Duece’, ‘Star Trek:Discovery’, Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Ricky & Morty’. Will try out a couple of other programmes like A Good Place and Mr. Mercedes with the wife.


Episode 3 of Discovery bears out the theory about the cold open of the opening two episodes. An interesting turn, the show looks like its lining up to be a wartime series, or at least opening season anyway. A worthy addition to the canon so far at the very least.


You slag.


Just an update on this guys; At the last minute I defected to Broadchurch. 5 episodes in. Thoroughly delighted with my decision. Great stuff.


I told you about this months ago.


Series 1?


I was thinking you did. That was probably the deciding factor. Missus Nwoko in Perth for the week. I’ll get the series finished.


Yep. Tis fairly easy watching without being overly simplistic. Enough intrigue to leave you wanting more.


Perfect for a bottle of red and Get On Thursday evening before the Everest on Saturday


Watched ‘Mr. Mercedes’ and ‘The Gifted’ first episodes. The former is pretty good, the latter mediocre.


Newest Curb Your Enthusiasm was brilliant btw.


It was yer man what done it, I couldn’t hardly believe it,



I watched the first two episodes of the Deuce. I thought it was a load of shit, won’t be sticking with it.