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I can’t find it with English subtitles.


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3


Copper Pipe is gonna get the place shut down.



I prefer to download episodes in full rather than streaming. Better quality and less hastle.
I use two methods:

From using eMule ed2k links

Sharethefiles is grand, no popups, no viruses, no messing, but eMule can be difficult to setup, opening ports and setting up the online servers. Be sure to download it from nowhere else. eMule can be searched in it’s own right, but stick to links from sharethefiles for genuine downloads.

From Thepiratebay using bittorent links

Anything I can’t get on eMule I then try brave The Pirate Bay. It keeps getting blocked so search “the pirate bay proxy” and you’ll get a list of current servers. The site itself is full of popups and viruses so you’ll need a good firewall and popup blocker and antivirus. They have something going on now where they can hijack your cpu to generate bitcoin (don’t ask), so be carefull. Bittorrent is easier setup than eMule. No messing with ports and servers.It just seems to run from startup but is full of every kind of add.

There are plenty of others sites, but a great site for educational, documentaries and Natural History is, it has both emule and torrent links. Top quality site. If you need any help just ask.


I have a couple of iptorrents invites if anyone wants them. Not until this evening though.


Should I be using something to mask my location when using IPTorrents?


I’d say you’ll be ok if you’re just downloading. They seem to only care if you’re seeding a lot of torrents.

Haven’t heard of anyone getting letters from ISP’s in a while.

Vodafone don’t seem to care as long as you pay the bill. Eir used to send out letters and had the 3 strikes rules.


That looks good.


Full of popups…


Do you have to pay for that site?


That’s happening kind of now in the O6 .


1 or 2 then they stop


I’d take one if it was going spare


Is IPtorrents fairly safe? My anti security is gone I could be ruined with one dodgy download.

@Rocko I’d take an invite if you don’t mind.


I’d like to try one if you have one spare. Thanks…


No but you have to actually seed the torrents you download not delete them or else they’ll lock your account. You can freeleech some of the popular stuff though.


Thanks for the replies guys, which I have no doubt are helpful and informative, but miles over my head. But im actually gonna try and learn a bit about the process today (seed what now) and ill be generating bitcoins for some young lad in taiwan in no time


Drop me a PM if you like and I’ll guide you through the process


Watched the first couple of episodes of the third series of Mr.Robot. intriguing plot this year and so far hadn’t the same pacing problem as the second series.

Watched the first three episodes of Curb and have found them only so so. Seems a bit slap sticky and forced compared to Curb of old