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@Bad_Winner @smark and @habanerocat send me an email address by PM to get the IP Torrents invite if you still want it.


How do you get the invites Rocko?


I don’t know the exact metrics but a healthy seeding ratio over a long duration earns invites.


I’ve a fantastic seeding ratio. My wife on the other hand deletes everything the moment she can. I’ll see if I have any invites later.


Have three invites for those interested.


I finished ‘Mr. Mercedes’ last night, final episode was meh but as a whole its well worth a look if you are stuck for something to watch in the psychological thriller vein.


Looks like a good site alright. Thanks @Rocko. Regardless of the quality of the site you should scan everything you download, especially if the file size doesn’t look right. I’d recommend Avast Free Anti-Virus to get you started. Delete your old one first. Windows firewall seems to be improving over the years and lots of people are happy with just that. Others here may disagree with that statement. Comodo do a free basic firewall if interested but firewalls do slow things down a fair bit.


Disappointing final episode alright I thought of what was an excellent series.


I can second that, a fairly shit ending


Lots of you seem to watch an obscene amount of TV series when you could be spending more time on TFK.



Lads here getting through 2/3 different series a week yet they only have around 100 posts here in that same time frame – Weirdos.


I’d like to see some of them trying to run 5k!


Quick question chaps. I’ve downloaded my first item from IPTorrents overnight after the invite i received from @Rocko. I downloaded season one of Vice Principals onto BitTorrent. From there i would normally be able to open the folder and watch all the episodes through windows media player. Instead when i go to open an episode here it carries it through to the application ‘My movie’ and i can’t play from there. A quick google search suggests these may be zipped files needing to be unzipped. I tried that but it didn’t work.

When a file says [NO RAR] beside it is that what it means? That it will be zipped? So then maybe i only download stuff without that message?


If it’s a full season of a TV show then it’s probably in a ZIP or RAR file.

I suggest you downloads and install Winrar to open zip files.


Agree with this. Danson is excellent. The last few episodes of S1 are very good. S2 decent so far (about 3/4 episodes in).


As @Copper_pipe says, you may just need to download winrar to extract them, although video files don’t normally come compressed.

Right click the file and select Properties, then “General” and let us know what it says under extension and file type.


NO RAR usually means not zipped. Have you got VLC player ( That might be what you need.


Any spare IPtorrents going? :wink:


@Turenne has invites.


Is this it? win-rar?