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Is this what you mean pal?

(Picture now removed)


Yep. The free version will suffice. Drop me a PM if you have any problems


Did you just download the .torrent file or the actual torrent? (Did it take 1 second to download or multiple minutes/hours?)


It looks like he has the torrent file in BitTorrent in the background of the pic


It took many hours i downloaded the whole torrent for the series. Just installed WinRAR i’ll try to extract the torrents now.


Ok. Weird that it needs WinRAR if it’s a NO RAR file but anyway.


I’d say the reason it took ages is because its a BLURAY torrent!


Is that why? Could my laptop be incompatible to view bluray?

I’m downloading peaky blinders season three as we speak so will be interesting if any problems on that.


Should this work? Is this me using WinRAR to extract it to something viewable?


Its extracting the RAR file to a standard folder now.

When thats done you should have a folder with the files inside it. I recommend VLC player for viewing torrents. VLC plays almost all video formats.


It’s a minefield really but hopefully will be worth the effort.


A good streaming site is as good as downloading without half the messing around … in fact, you can download on most of those apps these days and play it back offline - Terrarium tv is great - and Popcorn + showtime work fine for me.


Would recommend Terrarium TV for Shows and Movies over Kodi. Have Terrarium TV on the Android Box and works great.

Have a cracked Terrarium TV app with no ads if anyone wants it. Drop me a PM.


Tske thst pic down you may as well put up your name and adress :fearful:


It was a pleasant surprise… i wonder what else he is spoofing about…


No offense to Smark but there is absolutely nothing difficult about using torrents.


Picture now removed. What did i have up that was traceable anyway?


:rofl: :rofl::rofl:


Wow what an effort guys I’ve got all episodes now playable on VLC. Thanks to @Copper_pipe in particular for walking me through the murky waters of downloading and viewing torrents. :clap:


The mainframe adress.