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I missed the bit of excitement there unfortunately, but that screen shot looks like your creating a compressed file, not extracting one. Like I said video files are rarely compressed because their format doesn’t compress well, if at all.

Anyway as a side note Blu-ray files are generally large in size. Could be 5-10Gb sometimes. Only worth the effort if your big into it and want to keep it. Target file sizes of about 500Mb to 1Gb for one hours viewing. Acceptable quality.

Also google “how to view file extension and size in explorer” for your operating system. This may help you a lot.


Yeah I still don’t know what happened here. It seemed to be a torrent that wasn’t zipped judging by its name. And iptorrents wouldn’t have them if they are misnamed. And then he seems to have zipped them all up but played them anyway.

I recommend AFG files from iptorrents for a decent quality/size trade-off.


It’s amazing smark didn’t set himself on fire here today by the looks of things. Thank god for TFK.


Mindhunter is excellent.


Indeed it is


Really interesting stuff.

As i commented on other thread, remind me alot of the way S&C is sneared at now or in recent past


Babylon Berlin starts this evening at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

A German produced mini series about a detective set in 1920s Berlin.

Reviews are positive.


I can see the correlation tbf


Just watched episode one of this Mindhunter. Absolutely fantastic TV.


It’s a top show alright.Season 2 should be decent.I also love the way they would show the BTK lad here and there but that was it.He’s surely a major character in the next series.


The opening episode is by far the worst.


Wil be watching this soon.


‘Alias Grace’ is very good. The non-Irish lead does a very creditable job as an Irish character.


I’m struggling to get any sort of an upload speed at all on IPTorrents. I have ports forwarded and assume I have everything setup correctly but I just can’t upload which will result in me getting banned. Downloading no problem.

Any similar problems here in Ireland. I’m with Virgin, the old UPC.

Any advice @Rocko, thanks.


I enjoyed it. I thought it laid out the foundation of the story for what was to follow perfectly and kept you engaged. I’ve watched four episodes today.

Are you on IPtorrents @habanerocat? I have downloaded 4-5 things but i’ve found the “seeding” part painstakingly slow. I seeded a season of peaky blinders and the Alien Covenant movie simultaneously for 3-4 days but on checking the progress it says i’ve seeded back about 0.65% of what i’m expected to. But i read something else that said you should seed to a ratio of 1:1 at a minimum, which i take to mean seed for the same length of time it took to download that file. Peaky blinders downloaded in maybe two days but after 3-4 days i am only 0.65% towards their expectation?


Enjoying The Deuce so far. Franco going well as the identical twins and some very good interactions between the pimps.only downside is that ape Gylenhall in a leading roll. Can’t stand her .


Just leave it seeding. There’s no rush on the ratio. You can pause, just don’t delete the torrent.


You won’t get much upload unless it’s a very popular torrent. Some people download popular stuff they don’t want just so they can upload it and improve their ratio. I never did that but just keeping stuff open will get you there.


Yes IPTorrents. Your upload speed is normally about 1/10 of your download speed so time factors are out the window. The little battery symbol under your username on the home screen indicates your upload/download ratio. This needs to be kept above 0.2 which I’m struggling with.


Thanks, yea, I’ve been downloading older movies that I can’t find elsewhere. So that’s probably my problem. Also of note that I just found out yesterday is that any files marked “FreeLeech” don’t affect your limit.