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The Handmaid’s tale … First episode was unreal.


I’ve been recommended numerous times to start this. Unfortunately, all the recommendations came from women. I think I’ll give it a go now.


I can see why women folk would be into it but it seems like it’s going to be top show… A mixture of the red scare movies of the 50/60s with everyone being suspicious with a tinge of Salem witch hunt.


I watched the pilot. Couldn’t do it, the book is far superior.


Provided you are talking to me… I’d say that’s the first time ever someone has said the book was better than the show/movie.


The Shining movie >>>>>


But certainly the book ruined the program.


Electric Dreams any good?

Sounds right up my street.


TG, It’s a slow burner so far with me. About half way through.


Sehr interessant



The oul particicution looked some craic.


I flew through a load of mindhunter last night. Very enjoyable.


I watched the first three episodes Friday night. He doesn’t half love eating the box off your your one


You couldn’t blame him really.


I’ve watched a few more episodes and it turns into a lovely slow burner - which I thoroughly enjoy - it captures the essence of the hell of living in a world where you are totally and utterly at the mercy of those in power… Lot of parallels with modern muslim women/ society - even Irish women and the laundries – and of course society under any authoritarian regime.

Couple of lads here will be delighted with how the gays are treated in it — Gender traitors they are called and hung instantly…


Watched the first episode of ‘Power’ last night. Predicable enough but enjoyed it.


I’ve just told you about the Handmaid’s tale and you watch that shite …dear oh dear


Is it science fiction shite?




And there’s nothing wrong with science fiction - just because you’re a bogger cunt with no imagination …

the only thing make believe is a genetic disease that has made most of society sterile - other than that, it’s as you were… I imagine it’s pretty much like Ireland in the 60s/70s when the the catholic church were listened to, so you’ll probably love it.