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Finished Mindhunters the other night. Very highly recommended


Sam Gamgee

The Sinner is worth a watch kid. As is the Handmaid’s Tale

cc @Chucks_Nwoko


He nearly did though, nearly.

The problem they have is that Eleven is a nuclear weapon, and basically you need to disappear her for the entire season until you need her, otherwise, where’s the danger?

Still, its great nostalgia.


I want season 3 just to be Dustin going around banging birds.


Finished Mindhunter. A bit disappointed with it, expected better after all the praise, the bits with Holden and his life partner were rather boring and the rest was fine.



Episode 1 was a humdinger. Best tv I’ve seen in a longtime.




Finished series 1 of a Handmaid’s Tale. It’s generally depressing, but addictive viewing nonetheless. I thought Series 1 petered out and there was no real climax to it. If someone had hopped one of the stones off Aunt Lydia, I’d be somewhat happier.

Also, yer wan that made it to Canada? :rollseyes: She must know all the Ra roads from Jezebel’s to Ontario. Not a peeler in sight.


Gomorrah S3 started airing in Italy last week, shouldn’t be long before it hits Sky Atlantic UK. I think they usually do it in double episodes.

Definitely the best show on TV at the minute, probably the greatest show ever made.


I’d agree it’s excellent, should be a copy of the first episodes floating around online some where. Naples looks a right shithole


It’s up there alright


The new series of Vice Principals is superb comedy, he’s one of the best comedy characters I’ve ever seen


Sadly it’s finished. Wally Goggins and Danny McBride are a superb comic Duo.


Are they cancelling it after this current season? That’s a pity its very good. Although season one was better.


2 episodes into series two only but it seems much better so far, an increased role for Deshaun the chef can only be a good thing


Afraid so mate.


The music is outstanding.

Its s great show alright and captures the psychotic nature of some of these people and shows how any if us could go fucking nuts in the right set of circumstances


I love this


Its fantastic. I have the entire album on spotify. Loads of good stuff.


Anyone check out ‘Godless’? Seems to be a western on netflix.