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Soderberg is behind it, and its getting rave reviews. He’s also got his screenwriter from Out of Sight on board, as well as the EP. I’ll be watching it.


Binged on season 4 of Bojack Horseman over the last week, simply outstanding. :clap: Nice little “upper” to finish on as well for a series that often plunges its characters into the depths of despair.

Netflix always asks me if I want to skip the intro. No idea why I’d ever want to do that. :sunglasses:


Anyone watching season three of Mr.Robot?


I enjoyed Babylon Berlin. Well worth a watch on an oft forgotten era in German history.


Very good. Informative too. A really shit time to be alive.


Yes. Better than season 2 imo. I really enjoyed the Tyrell centered episode a while back.


Three episodes in and this is rather good.


It was excellent as was this weeks episode


Just finished up ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 plus the Christmas special with Jon Hamm there. Top 5 show on TV of course, doubt there is a better British show out there. Only Utopia S1 compares in terms of British TV.

@Julio_Geordio weren’t you the Utopia fan? Have you been watching Black Mirror?


Some of the exchanges between Cillian Murphy and Sam Neil in Peaky Blinders are absolutely fantastic


Play test and shut up and dance are outstanding


The Deuce is disgusting. I’m out.


Guys, any reason i cannot download (or find) 1st 2 episodes of Gomorrah3???


Or if you want to torrent:


thats fantastic work copper pipe.

Much appreciated


Hes an absolute dinger of a young fella


Didn’t think they made young fellas like copper anymore.


Hed have made some chimney sweep back in the day


He’ll explode one of these days and go (verbally) postal on somebody, like Ned Flanders that time.


Just downloaded 2 episodes.

I’m fairly excited about it. A bit unusual for a rationale guy like me