Tv Shows & Mini Series


I’ll wait for it all in one go but very much looking forward to it.

Best show on TV.


More than likely at those cunts who keep giving him dud tips.


Newest season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ was largely very good. Lin Miranda was great in the final episode.


Anyone watched the German 10 episode series ‘Dark’ on Netflix? A bit of a slow burner but really picks up a few episodes in. I’m enjoying it a lot but be warned its sci fi. If any of ye watch it forego the English dubbed over version which is awful and watch it with subtitles as it was filmed, in German.


Currently watching “Chance” with Hugh Laurie. Enjoyable enough show about a psychiatrist who gets dragged into the seedy underbelly of San Francisco. Worth watching for Ethan Suplee’s character alone


Just finished season one of ‘Dark’. Very enjoyable. If you liked any of Stranger Things, Lost, Utopia, Fringe you’d enjoy it. Weird things happen every 33yrs in a small rural German town surrounding disappearances of kids at the centre of it.


I’ve started this. It’s not bad. A very interesting time to be alive alright.


Watched the night manager from last year - enjoyable


Did you know Lizzy Stark is a descendant of Ned Stark?


Is that New Wild West one on Netflix any good, would it compare to deadwood at all or is it comparing oranges and apples?


I watched a bit the other night and it was setting up well. Fell asleep though and may go back to it there in a while


Watching Shot in the Dark on Netflix about those fellas in LA that chase accident and crime scenes with their cameras and sell the footage to news stations


You’d enjoy the movie “Nightcrawler”.


Netflix original shows are second rate TV.


Bored mate?


Great flick


Better call Saul is excellent.




Has anyone watched Nathan For You? I am hearing some very good things about it


Course he is he doesnt do a rap of work all day