Tv Shows & Mini Series


Nearly finished ‘the fall’ . I think it’s excellent.


Re watched both these recently. The wire is obviously great. The Fall is cert good though.

Rare enough these days shows like that. The standard has definitely dropped and quality dried up


It’s quantity over quality these days.



They always make a fuck of it in the end.

Any news in true detective??


Not that I’ve heard


I used to think Jamie Doran was just a ladies man actor but he is excellent in it.


Imagine complaining about a lack of quality and then asking about fucking True Detective. :sweat_smile:


The first TD was excellent


One of the very best seasons of any tv show ever.


Where did you watch season 3 of the Expanse?


The second season had some decent moments. It just took too long to get there. The pacing in the first few episodes killed off any chance it had


Torrents. Try and get an invite to iptorrents if you can, excellent for TV shows.


The script and the cast didn’t help either.


I still enjoyed Season 2.This was an unrale shootout.


The finale to Season 1 episode 4, one of my favourite TV scenes ever.


the lads walking down the road like they are walking up to a pub with a strict bouncer… split up here lads… he’s a cunt.


Serious shootout


Some lovely pistol whipping from 4:30 on.


Anybody watch Safe with the fella out of Six feet Under? Very strange murder/disappearance plot written by Harlen Coben, not bad at all after 5 episodes


I’m 5 episodes in myself. A tad over- dramatic but addictive viewing nonetheless. Very much in the Broadchurch style whodunnit.