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Yeah five series, no more no less, all written together. I never even knew winstone was in line for it. He would have been terrible.


Thank fuck is right.


It’s getting good. I didn’t think they could find anything as ground breaking as season 1 as a concept for the storyline but they seem to be getting there. The final episode of season 1 was one of the best things I’ve seen on TV, 90 minutes pay off.


From what I recall he was offered the role and all


Westworld Series 1 was shite.


Anyone watching 'The Method ‘, a Russian detective series on Netflix? It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen, a bit of a slow starter but it really goes somewhere different.
There are these warped sepia toned flashbacks into serial killers’ past lives that are almost romantic. A grungy Paulina Andreeva slumps around looking ridiculously sexy while the main man is about as messed up as it gets.
Superb stuff.


I assume people are watching ‘The Staircase’?




Fairly decent murder documentary if you are stuck for something to watch. It’s on Netflix.


You’ve a lovely taste in tv shows


Finished this. Final episode a bit meh to honest. They found a pretty awesome new concept to hang the series on but didn’t make as much of it as in series one. They tried to emulate the final episode from series one, some success but they failed in equal measure. I hope they wrap it up now, if it’s to continue it will probably have to be mostly set away from the park and control centre, which would lose the aesthetic of the whole series. cc @Robert_Emmet


'Cloak And Dagger’s is fairly good for superhero fans.


Is anyone watching Legion? The biggest mind fuck of a tv show I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know if I like it, I’m spending most of it just trying to follow the plot.


Liked the opening season, haven’t gotten round to the second one yet.


I’m about half way through season 2, it’s gone mental altogether and I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing until it’s wrapped up.


I’m three episodes in. it seems straight forward enough in that there is one timeline for one character. It’s messed up when they do the memory thing alright.

Unlike Westworld where there are so many timelines and character narratives. Now that was hard following ( I couldn’t follow it)


To the second season?


first season


Ah. That doesn’t last :joy: Stick with it though.


‘Patrick Melrose’ is fantastic.