Tv Shows & Mini Series


Have rediscovered Modern Family. Great show and nice bite size episodes. Plus it has Sofia


Another rec - ‘A Very English Scandal’.


Jaysus, I found that to be hard work after a decent first episode


Anybody seen the new series of the bridge? Is it worth starting?


There’s a Romper Stomper series,WTF. Is it based on the movie?Why have I never heard of this? @fitzy @Chucks_Nwoko @The_Selfish_Giant


After finishing The Expanse, The Staircase, A Very English Scandal and Patrick Melrose in recent weeks I’m stuck with nothing to watch. Have Preacher and Legion but not too bothered with watching either right now. Anything else new and good?


Season 4 of the bridge is decent if you’ve seen the others


The handmaids tale. Ken Burns Vietnam War.


Gomorra, or Top Of The Lake.


Gomorra is awful scutter.


Have you no fuckin job?Where the jaysus do ye get time to watch all these things.


A few episodes every weekend over two months. The wife was sick and the baby with the mother in law last weekend so I got through a lot then.


Can’t do much exercise


Some of the lads on here must be clinically obese from all the ‘atin, drinkin’ and TV watching they do.


The Tu Pac-Biggie series is good. The acting of the men themselves is poor but everyone else is good


Watching the first episode of HBO’s sharp objects at the moment.

Looks to be very good.


Its fairly fucked up


It’s very dark alright, decent opening episode though. Will watch the second one later on.


Condor is quite good


Enjoying the Mafia only kills in summer.